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EE2 Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: Scenario Problems
posted 10-17-14 04:03 PM EDT (US)   
Hi guys, i just created a GREAT (i mean the size) map, and civilizations, and all...i made a GoT continent and i want to play it, but, when i start to play, on the beginning pops up a window with the following message:

the instruction at 0x005f45c7 referenced memory at
the memory could not be read

can some1 pls help me slove this problem...ty

btw, i am a new member of this forum, i just created this acc....i played this game like 10 years ago, and now i reinstalled it again bc i love this game so much, just a great game, and i created a good map, and i want to play it so much (my 1st game ever...)

so pls help help help....
posted 11-08-14 01:41 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
What version of EE2 do you use?
Try how it works with Unofficial Patch 1.5:

If you're still getting this error, please contact me via e-mail: easywinclan(at) and send the scenario file. I'll see what I can do to fix it.
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