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Hello! As this is my first post here, that I am not used to being around in forums, and that English is not my mother tongue; please bear with me. Also, I have never played any EE-game before except this very one (see below).

I can do (fully working) scripts (.ies) rudimentary, as well as being able to successfully edit every file that can be read by Notepad with Word Wrap off (.utf8, .civ, .ddf, .csv, .aip, header files (.h), etc.). But I do not know any way of editing .cqs-files however outside the game.

I bought a GOG (Good Old Games) version of EE2: Gold Edition some time ago which is already patched (EE2: v1.2, AoS: v1.0) and DRM-free (no need for no-cd cracks, keygens nor other binary crap).


To sum it up, I have 5 (V) questions:

I: This problem is quite simple. I can never use any of the copy/paste/cut-buttons in the scenario editor, whatever I select, may it be single or multiple entities, in any of the games. And the only thing I can manipulate on any entity in-game are the HP, but I know one should be able to alter the others by clicking on the value and use left/right arrows or maybe other buttons. I have tried on a clean installation. Can this be a version (GOG)-problem, or did I forget to do something?

II: Is there any way at all of using ones custom civilizations (.civ) in the scenario editor and/or in a custom scenario (and not just their civilization/city/territory names; as with the .utf8-files) instead of needing to alter the existing ones to match the custom ones (as I now am being forced to do via modding the .ddf- and .aip-files and such) if one would want them in a custom scenario?

III: Can one add more (non-custom) civilizations to the game or is that hardcoded? If not, what is really hardcoded (non-moddable) then?

IV: Is it possible to make any weapon (or even radiation) damage aircraft, including nukes? (Example: Aircraft crash due to being close to ground zero).

V: How exactly do one add (not replace) an epoch-upgrade correctly that does not exist? For example: HeavyInfantry2UpgradeEpoch14 above HeavyInfantry2UpgradeEpoch15 (which is nonexistent) (upgrade_unittypes.csv). And is this procedure the same for all entities (unique units, campaign units, etc.)?

!Notice: More questions may arise.

Any help is very appreciated. I would be grateful if someone brings clarity to this for me.

Many thanks,

EDITS: Corrected some misspellings and rephrased some sentences to be more understandable.

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