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EE2 Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: EE2 Editor - First Impressions
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posted 03-21-05 05:41 PM EDT (US)   

On opening the editor, the first thing I noticed was the resolution. Unlike in EE, the editor in EE2 is displayed in the resolution you are currently playing in, in my case this was 1280x1024, which provides for a nice workspace. The shots here are all in 1024x768 to try and keep the image size down on the full screen shots.

The opening screen looks like this;

From here you can change all aspects of the map or ditch it and generate a new one. The choices so far are Temperate, Arid and Tropical for your initial map types. Hopefully the final version will include Arctic and other environments, although of course you can modify the terrain yourself afterwards.

Simple, straightforward menus make the whole thing easy and intuitive to navigate;

The following shots show how the landscape changes according to the season;

Like EE and some other games you can import elevation data.

Terrain editing is all very easy and immediately I found a feature I love. It is the terrain sampler. This allows you to select an area and use that to "paint" any other part of the map. Ideal for anyone who has created an interesting effect with terrains and has then been unable to reproduce it. I couldn’t actually manage to get much in the way of blending done, one terrain tended to replace another, and hope this feature can be extended to include ambients and possibly even objects. However, as the shot below shows you can take part of a terrain, in this case the grass part of the tropical default terrain, and use it to make a grassy area within it;

More soon.

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posted 04-26-05 07:50 PM EDT (US)     26 / 47  
The EE editor was the best map designing program for any RTS iv seen, so if it is like ee1 then I will be just as happy.

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posted 05-03-05 00:19 AM EDT (US)     27 / 47  
I think the editor is lacking in features and is somewhat screwy to use.
Take the random map generator, it can't generate arctic or desert!!! and when you do get something generated, it has no animals!!!
good lord, why is it so hard for them to generate a COMPLETE and ready to play map?
And why is that when you randomly generate a map, you can add walls?
for some reason the walls option disappears.
But if you open one of the premade scenarios, and then choose new and make a new random map, then it's available, but the nations and territories are still named like the premade scenario!!!
it's maddening.
I just spent two hours working with it and cussing most of the time, such great potential gone to waste, yet again, another "could be" great game gone to crap because of bad editor.
such a shame, I've been waiting for this for two years, talk about a bummer.
posted 05-07-05 03:58 AM EDT (US)     28 / 47  
You able to rotate the map in the EE2 editor and in-game by holding down CTRL and using left / right arrow keys to rotate the map.

How this help.

posted 05-09-05 06:14 AM EDT (US)     29 / 47  
Reapur has raised some very good points,

And i was wondering how u make triggers, ive looked all over and did not find.
I was planning to resise units, so that the infantry are smaller than the tanks.

Any advice would be great.

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posted 05-09-05 06:42 AM EDT (US)     30 / 47  
There are no triggers, the EE2 editor uses scripts, does anybody know how to make them?
posted 05-09-05 06:13 PM EDT (US)     31 / 47  
Just how complex are these "scripts"?

If they are simple and explained well it should be okay, but typing out scripts like programming is not a fun way to make scenarios. I sure hope they didn't make the editor just for themselves to design, with no concern for amatuers.

Perhaps someone could quote from the manual (which should be in the EE2 folder I presume) some explanation on the scripts, and some examples?

posted 05-10-05 03:51 AM EDT (US)     32 / 47  
We don't know how to script yet. Mad Doc hasn't told us.
posted 06-03-05 09:38 AM EDT (US)     33 / 47  
Here is a script for america 1 scenario
Moderators: please get rid of this if it violates any code of conduct.
I don't think it's worth cracking this code (especially the memory address offsets since they seem to be program counter relative (PCR) and slot into condition branch holes in the mother application .)

If this is the case, then how do I tie episodes into campaigns? I learned the cinematics aspect before I discovered I could not have them fire.
Am I missing missing something ?
This fecally depleted me!

// File name: C:\Program Files\Sierra\Empire Earth II\scriptlibs\American1.dll
// Created : 03.06.2005 23:25
// Type : Strings List

10011108: 'IsProcessorFeaturePresent',0
10011124: 'KERNEL32',0
10011138: 'e+000',0
10011140: '__GLOBAL_HEAP_SELECTED',0
10011158: '__MSVCRT_HEAP_SELECT',0
10011170: 'runtime error ',0
10011184: 'TLOSS error',0Dh,0Ah,0
10011194: 'SING error',0Dh,0Ah,0
100111A4: 'DOMAIN error',0Dh,0Ah,0
100111B4: 'R6028',0Dh,0Ah,'- unable to initialize heap',0Dh,0Ah,0
100111DC: 'R6027',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for lowio initialization',0Dh,0Ah,0
10011214: 'R6026',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for stdio initialization',0Dh,0Ah,0
1001124C: 'R6025',0Dh,0Ah,'- pure virtual function call',0Dh,0Ah,0
10011274: 'R6024',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for _onexit/atexit table',0Dh,0Ah,0
100112AC: 'R6019',0Dh,0Ah,'- unable to open console device',0Dh,0Ah,0
100112D8: 'R6018',0Dh,0Ah,'- unexpected heap error',0Dh,0Ah,0
100112FC: 'R6017',0Dh,0Ah,'- unexpected multithread lock error',0Dh,0Ah,0
1001132C: 'R6016',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for thread data',0Dh,0Ah,0
10011358: 0Dh,0Ah,'abnormal program termination',0Dh,0Ah,0
1001137C: 'R6009',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for environment',0Dh,0Ah,0
100113A8: 'R6008',0Dh,0Ah,'- not enough space for arguments',0Dh,0Ah,0
100113D4: 'R6002',0Dh,0Ah,'- floating point not loaded',0Dh,0Ah,0
100113FC: 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library',0
10011428: 'Runtime Error!',0Ah,0Ah,'Program: ',0
10011448: '<program name unknown>',0
10011490: 'GetLastActivePopup',0
100114A4: 'GetActiveWindow',0
100114B4: 'MessageBoxA',0
100114C0: 'user32.dll',0
10011500: '1#QNAN',0
10011508: '1#INF',0
10011510: '1#IND',0
10011518: '1#SNAN',0
10011520: 'H:mm:ss',0
10011528: 'dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy',0
1001153C: 'M/d/yy',0
1001154C: 'December',0
10011558: 'November',0
10011564: 'October',0
1001156C: 'September',0
10011578: 'August',0
10011580: 'July',0
10011588: 'June',0
10011590: 'April',0
10011598: 'March',0
100115A0: 'February',0
100115AC: 'January',0
100115E4: 'Saturday',0
100115F0: 'Friday',0
100115F8: 'Thursday',0
10011604: 'Wednesday',0
10011610: 'Tuesday',0
10011618: 'Monday',0
10011620: 'Sunday',0
10014178: 'Mayan',0
10014180: 'Aztec',0
10014188: 'Inca',0
10014190: 'Babylonian',0
1001419C: 'Turkish',0
100141A4: 'Egyptian',0
100141B0: 'Japanese',0
100141BC: 'Korean',0
100141C4: 'Chinese',0
100141CC: 'Greek',0
100141D4: 'American',0
100141E0: 'Roman',0
100141E8: 'English',0
100141F0: 'German',0
100141F8: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_15',0
10014214: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_14',0
10014230: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_13',0
1001424C: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_12',0
10014268: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_11',0
10014284: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_10',0
100142A0: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_9',0
100142BC: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_8',0
100142D8: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_7',0
100142F4: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_6',0
10014310: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_5',0
1001432C: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_4',0
10014348: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_3',0
10014364: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_2',0
10014380: 'tx_enum_eTechTreeEpoch_1',0
1001439C: 'PopCap',0
100143A4: 'TechPoints',0
100143B0: 'Uranium',0
100143BC: 'Saltpeter',0
100143C8: 'Iron',0
100143D4: 'Gold',0
100143DC: 'Stone',0
100143E4: 'Wood',0
100143EC: 'Food',0
100143F4: 'cautious',0
10014400: 'holdfire',0
1001440C: 'holdposition',0
1001441C: 'defensive',0
10014428: 'aggressive',0
10014434: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_35',0
10014448: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_34',0
1001445C: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_33',0
10014470: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_32',0
10014484: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_31',0
10014498: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_30',0
100144AC: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_29',0
100144C0: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_28',0
100144D4: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_27',0
100144E8: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_26',0
100144FC: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_25',0
10014510: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_24',0
10014524: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_23',0
10014538: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_22',0
1001454C: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_21',0
10014560: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_20',0
10014574: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_19',0
10014588: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_18',0
1001459C: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_17',0
100145B0: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_16',0
100145C4: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_15',0
100145D8: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_14',0
100145EC: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_13',0
10014600: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_12',0
10014614: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_11',0
10014628: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_10',0
1001463C: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_9',0
10014650: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_8',0
10014664: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_7',0
10014678: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_6',0
1001468C: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_5',0
100146A0: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_4',0
100146B4: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_3',0
100146C8: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_2',0
100146DC: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_1',0
100146F0: 'tx_enum_eUnitRPS_0',0
10014704: 'Maine',0
1001470C: 'Script_PreScenInfoPanelHook',0
10014728: 'American1_Objective2',0
10014740: 'LeaderRoosevelt',0
10014750: 'LightArtillery1',0
10014760: 'Medic',0
10014768: 'HeavyInfantry2',0
10014778: 'LightInfantry',0
10014788: 'HeavyInfantry1',0
10014798: 'temp',0
100147A0: 'areaCoastal7',0
100147B0: 'areaCoastal6',0
100147C0: 'areaCoastal5',0
100147D0: 'areaCoastal4',0
100147E0: 'areaCoastal3',0
100147F0: 'areaCoastal2',0
10014800: 'areaCoastal1',0
10014810: 'PlayerStart',0
1001481C: 'Script_actionPlayerStart',0
10014838: 'tx_blank',0
10014844: 'text_scenario_a1_tedheal',0
10014860: 'Script_actionRoosveltLosesHealth',0
10014884: 'American1_Objective3',0
1001489C: 'Script_actionKettleHillWon',0
100148B8: 'Script_actionKettleHillWon2',0
100148D4: 'SpanishRaiders',0
100148E4: 'FreedomFighters',0
100148F4: 'American1_Objective5',0
1001490C: 'text_scenario_a1_road1',0
10014924: 'Script_actionHillsSecure',0
10014940: 'text_scenario_a1_road2',0
10014958: 'Script_actionRebelsSecureRoad',0
10014978: 'Script_actionHillsObjectiveComplete',0
1001499C: 'American1_Objective4',0
100149B4: 'Script_actionElCaneyRescue',0
100149D0: 'text_scenario_a1_caney6',0
100149E8: 'Script_actionPreserveElCaney',0
10014A08: 'ElCaney',0
10014A10: 'CubanMercs',0
10014A1C: 'text_scenario_a1_caney3',0
10014A34: 'SanJuanHill',0
10014A40: 'CaneyGeurillas',0
10014A50: 'CubanGeurillas',0
10014A60: 'CubanGeurillas1',0
10014A70: 'Script_actionElCaneyWon',0
10014A88: 'CargoShip',0
10014A94: 'Troopship1',0
10014AA0: 'areaTroopShipSpawn',0
10014AB4: 'areaTroopShipGoal1',0
10014AC8: 'TroopShip1',0
10014AD4: 'RoughMedics3',0
10014AE4: 'areaTroopSpawn',0
10014AF4: 'text_scenario_a1_newtroops1',0
10014B10: 'areaUSRallyPoint4',0
10014B24: 'RoughRiders4',0
10014B34: 'areaUSRallyPoint1',0
10014B48: 'RoughRiders5',0
10014B58: 'areaUSRallyPoint2',0
10014B6C: 'areaTroopShipGoal2',0
10014B80: 'Script_actionCreateAmericanTroops3',0
10014BA4: 'text_scenario_a1_caney7',0
10014BBC: 'Script_actionElCaneyDead',0
10014BD8: 'Script_actionTakeBothHills',0
10014BF4: 'American1_Objective1',0
10014C0C: 'Script_actionSanJuanHillWon',0
10014C28: 'Troopship5',0
10014C34: 'TroopShip5',0
10014C40: 'AmericanCampaignSpecialFieldGun',0
10014C60: 'RoughGuns2',0
10014C6C: 'areaUSRallyPoint3',0
10014C80: 'Script_actionSanJuanHillTroops',0
10014CA0: 'Script_actionSantiagoWon',0
10014CBC: 'Raiders',0
10014CC4: 'Script_actionSpanishRaid',0
10014CE0: 'Raiders2',0
10014CEC: 'Script_actionSpanishRaid2',0
10014D08: 'HillRaiders',0
10014D14: 'SpanishCounterAttack',0
10014D2C: 'KettleHill',0
10014D38: 'HillRaiders2',0
10014D48: 'text_scenario_a1_kettlehill1',0
10014D68: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAssault1',0
10014D8C: 'Troopship2',0
10014D98: 'TroopShip2',0
10014DA4: 'RoughRiders1',0
10014DB4: 'RoughMedics1',0
10014DC4: 'Engineer',0
10014DD0: 'RoughEngineers1',0
10014DE0: 'text_scenario_a1_newtroops6',0
10014DFC: 'Script_actionCreateAmericanTroops1',0
10014E20: 'Ambush1',0
10014E28: 'Ambushers',0
10014E34: 'areaAmbush1',0
10014E40: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAmbush1',0
10014E64: 'Crazies',0
10014E6C: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAssault2',0
10014E90: 'Troopship3',0
10014E9C: 'TroopShip3',0
10014EA8: 'RoughRiders2',0
10014EB8: 'RoughRiders3',0
10014EC8: 'RoughMedics2',0
10014ED8: 'RoughEngineers2',0
10014EE8: 'FieldGun1',0
10014EF4: 'Script_actionCreateAmericanTroops2',0
10014F18: 'Ambush2',0
10014F20: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAmbush2',0
10014F44: 'SanJuanHillRaiders',0
10014F58: 'CinematicBattle',0
10014F68: 'text_scenario_a1_sanjuanhill3',0
10014F88: 'SanJuanHillRaiders1',0
10014F9C: 'text_scenario_a1_sanjuanhill2',0
10014FBC: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAssault3',0
10014FE0: 'Ambush3',0
10014FE8: 'areaAmbush2',0
10014FF4: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAmbush3',0
10015018: 'Troopship6',0
10015024: 'Troopship4',0
10015030: 'TroopShip6',0
1001503C: 'TroopShip4',0
10015048: 'RoughRiders8',0
10015058: 'RoughRiders6',0
10015068: 'RoughRiders7',0
10015078: 'RoughGuns4',0
10015084: 'RoughMedics4',0
10015094: 'RoughEngineers4',0
100150A4: 'Script_actionCreateAmericanTroops4',0
100150C8: 'Ambush4',0
100150D0: 'Script_actionCreateSpanishAmbush4',0
100150F4: 'Script_actionElCaneyCutoff',0
10015110: 'Script_actionSpainCutoff',0
1001512C: 'Script_actionEndAttack',0
10015144: 'Script_actionLeaderDestroyed',0
10015164: 'American_Defeat.mp3',0
10015178: 'CinematicUS_1_6',0
10015188: 'text_scenario_a1_dead1',0
100151A0: 'us_1_teddy_dead.mp3',0
100151B4: 'text_scenario_a1_dead2',0
100151CC: 'American1_Objective6',0
100151E4: 'Script_actionPlayerLostRoosvelt',0
10015204: 'Script_actionTroopsDestroyed',0
10015224: 'American1_Objective7',0
1001523C: 'us_1_disaster.mp3',0
10015250: 'text_scenario_a1_lose1',0
10015268: 'text_scenario_a1_lose2',0
10015280: 'Script_actionPlayerLosesStrength',0
100152A4: 'BridgeEngineers1',0
100152B8: 'text_scenario_a1_bridge1',0
100152D4: 'Script_actionBridgeTroops1',0
100152F0: 'Script_actionGameOver',0
10015308: 'SpanishFleet1',0
10015318: 'areaSpanishFleet',0
1001532C: 'Battleship',0
10015338: 'AmericanFleet2',0
10015348: 'Destroyer',0
10015354: 'AmericanFleet1',0
10015364: 'areaFogLift2',0
10015374: 'American_Victory.mp3',0
1001538C: 'us_1_victory.mp3',0
100153A0: 'CinematicUS_1_7',0
100153B0: 'areaSpanishFleetAttack',0
100153C8: 'areaAmericanFleetAttack',0
100153E0: 'text_scenario_a1_win1',0
100153F8: 'text_scenario_a1_win2',0
10015410: 'text_scenario_a1_win3',0
10015428: 'text_scenario_a1_win4',0
10015440: 'Script_actionScenarioWon',0
1001545C: 'areaSpanishAreAngry',0
10015470: 'Santiago',0
1001547C: 'SpanishRaiders1',0
1001548C: 'areaSpanishAreUpset',0
100154A0: 'Script_actionBigMistake',0
100154B8: 'MobileUnits',0
100154C4: 'StartForce1',0
100154D0: 'TeddyRoosevelt',0
100154E0: 'Blockhouse1',0
100154EC: 'Hold2',0
100154F4: 'SecureForce2',0
10015504: 'SecureForce1',0
10015514: 'RescueCuba',0
10015520: 'RescueCaney1',0
10015530: 'Blockhouse2',0
1001553C: 'SantiagoCC',0
10015548: 'Player1Winner1',0
10015558: 'Player1Ambush1',0
10015568: 'Player1Winner4',0
10015578: 'CubanForce1',0
10015584: 'Player1Alive1',0
10015594: 'CubanBridge',0
100155A0: 'areaBigMistake',0
100155B0: 'DeadGuys1',0
100155BC: 'ruleBigMistake',0
100155CC: 'ruleScenarioWon',0
100155DC: 'ruleGameOver',0
100155EC: 'ruleBridgeTroops1',0
10015600: 'rulePlayerDead',0
10015610: 'ruleTroopsDestroyed',0
10015624: 'rulePlayerLosesRoosvelt',0
1001563C: 'ruleLeaderDestroyed',0
10015650: 'ruleEndAttack',0
10015660: 'ruleSpainCutoff',0
10015670: 'ruleElCaneyCutoff',0
10015684: 'ruleSpanishAmbush4',0
10015698: 'ruleAmericanTroops4',0
100156AC: 'ruleSpanishAmbush3',0
100156C0: 'ruleSpanishAssault3',0
100156D4: 'ruleSpanishAmbush2',0
100156E8: 'ruleAmericanTroops2',0
100156FC: 'ruleSpanishAssault2',0
10015710: 'ruleSpanishAmbush1',0
10015724: 'ruleAmericanTroops1',0
10015738: 'ruleSpanishAssault1',0
1001574C: 'ruleSpanishRaid2',0
10015760: 'ruleSpanishRaid',0
10015770: 'ruleSantiagoWon',0
10015780: 'ruleSanJuanHillTroops',0
10015798: 'ruleSanJuanHill',0
100157A8: 'ruleTakeBothHills',0
100157BC: 'ruleElCaneyDead',0
100157CC: 'ruleAmericanTroops3',0
100157E0: 'ruleElCaneyWon',0
100157F0: 'rulePreserveElCaney',0
10015804: 'ruleElCaneyRescue',0
10015818: 'rulePlayerOwnsBothHills',0
10015830: 'ruleRebelsSecureRoad',0
10015848: 'ruleHillsSecure',0
10015858: 'ruleKettleHillWon2',0
1001586C: 'ruleKettleHillWon',0
10015880: 'ruleRoosveltLosesHealth',0
10015898: 'rulePlayerStartPoint',0
100158B0: 'bCinematicIsPlaying',0
100158C4: 'bElCaneyByPassed',0
100158D8: 'bSpanishFleetCreated',0
100158F0: 'bPlayerOwnsSantiago',0
10015904: 'bPlayerOwnsElCaney',0
10015918: 'bPlayerOwnsSanJuanHill',0
10015930: 'bPlayerOwnsKettleHill',0
10015948: 'ruleBigMistake_FiredYet',0
10015960: 'ruleScenarioWon_FiredYet',0
1001597C: 'ruleGameOver_FiredYet',0
10015994: 'ruleBridgeTroops1_FiredYet',0
100159B0: 'rulePlayerDead_FiredYet',0
100159C8: 'ruleTroopsDestroyed_FiredYet',0
100159E8: 'rulePlayerLosesRoosvelt_FiredYet',0
10015A0C: 'ruleLeaderDestroyed_FiredYet',0
10015A2C: 'ruleEndAttack_FiredYet',0
10015A44: 'ruleSpainCutoff_FiredYet',0
10015A60: 'ruleElCaneyCutoff_FiredYet',0
10015A7C: 'ruleSpanishAmbush4_FiredYet',0
10015A98: 'ruleAmericanTroops4_FiredYet',0
10015AB8: 'ruleSpanishAmbush3_FiredYet',0
10015AD4: 'ruleSpanishAssault3_FiredYet',0
10015AF4: 'ruleSpanishAmbush2_FiredYet',0
10015B10: 'ruleAmericanTroops2_FiredYet',0
10015B30: 'ruleSpanishAssault2_FiredYet',0
10015B50: 'ruleSpanishAmbush1_FiredYet',0
10015B6C: 'ruleAmericanTroops1_FiredYet',0
10015B8C: 'ruleSpanishAssault1_FiredYet',0
10015BAC: 'ruleSpanishRaid2_FiredYet',0
10015BC8: 'ruleSpanishRaid_FiredYet',0
10015BE4: 'ruleSantiagoWon_FiredYet',0
10015C00: 'ruleSanJuanHillTroops_FiredYet',0
10015C20: 'ruleSanJuanHill_FiredYet',0
10015C3C: 'ruleTakeBothHills_FiredYet',0
10015C58: 'ruleElCaneyDead_FiredYet',0
10015C74: 'ruleAmericanTroops3_FiredYet',0
10015C94: 'ruleElCaneyWon_FiredYet',0
10015CAC: 'rulePreserveElCaney_FiredYet',0
10015CCC: 'ruleElCaneyRescue_FiredYet',0
10015CE8: 'rulePlayerOwnsBothHills_FiredYet',0
10015D0C: 'ruleRebelsSecureRoad_FiredYet',0
10015D2C: 'ruleHillsSecure_FiredYet',0
10015D48: 'ruleKettleHillWon2_FiredYet',0
10015D64: 'ruleKettleHillWon_FiredYet',0
10015D80: 'ruleRoosveltLosesHealth_FiredYet',0
10015DA4: 'rulePlayerStartPoint_FiredYet',0
10015DC4: 'bool',0
10015DCC: 'iPeriod3',0
10015DD8: 'iPeriod2',0
10015DE4: 'iPeriod1',0
10015DF0: 'iCinematicPlaying',0
10015E04: 'iSoundHandle',0
10015E14: 'ScenarioPhase',0
10015E24: 'ObjectivesMet',0
10015E34: 'Number_Of_Attack_Waves2',0
10015E4C: 'Number_Of_Attack_Waves',0
10015E64: 'cHotInt',0
10015E6C: 'Everysecond',0
10015E78: 'cPeriodicInt',0
10015E88: 'Spanish_Music_Timer',0
10015E9C: 'Spanish_Raid_Timer2',0
10015EB0: 'Spanish_Raid_Timer',0
10015EC4: 'cTimerInt',0
10015EE0: 'cDirtyInt',0
10015EEC: 'us_1_intro.bik',0
10015EFC: 'A1Spain.aip',0
10015F08: 'PreventDeletion',0
10015F18: 'WonderWestern_11',0
10015F2C: 'WonderWestern_06',0
10015F40: 'WonderWestern_01',0
10015F54: 'MerchantShip',0
10015F64: 'Dock',0
10015F6C: 'Scout',0
10015F74: 'Citizen',0
10015F7C: 'CoastalDefense',0
10015F8C: 'Road',0
10015F94: 'Farm',0
10015F9C: 'House',0
10015FA4: 'CityCenter',0
10015FB0: 'OilRig',0
10015FB8: 'Airport2',0
10015FC4: 'Airport',0
10015FCC: 'University',0
10015FD8: 'Mill',0
10015FE0: 'Warehouse',0
10015FEC: 'Market',0
10015FF4: 'AirDefense',0
10016000: 'Temple',0
10016008: 'Stable',0
10016010: 'Barracks',0

posted 06-04-05 05:38 PM EDT (US)     34 / 47  
I'm disappointed with this editor:

-Management of Elevation Data had become less friendly compared the EE editor (now we must guess, in a first time, which parameters are adecuate for draw the higest mountain on the map).
-Types of terrain (So few compared to the first EE, depending on Horth Hemisphere-based seasons).
-Scripting Imposal for common users who would want to build their own scenarios based on their own national or regional experiences (Why Mac Doc didn't differences between the new EE and RoN?)
-Absence of important civs as predeterminated ones (French, Spanish, Russian, Persian, Indian, "People from the End of the World" -Chileans, Argentineans and Brazilians- are not considered in the game)
-In synthesis, general limitations for common users and map designers (turning this game into unpopularity for who they are "more than gamers")

(The map can be rotated. The structures can be rotated. But, how to rotate units in the EE2 Editor?)
(How can I only rename civs and territories for an specific scenario?)
(Must we wait for a special scripting tool?)

posted 07-05-05 11:54 PM EDT (US)     35 / 47  
Hey, I've poked around the scripting aspects (aside from the .dll files).

Basically, it seems that the huge part of it (a bunch of zipped files in the "zips" folder in your install directory, being the most important for scripting, and holding 300+ textfiles) is writing scripts that refer to one another. One by one, they're hopelessly cryptic (perhaps intentionally), but without creating a dll to use the customized files, you can do little more (with scripting) than change names and stats.

As to the map editor . . . it's fun to paint territories, but elevation changes get awkward. An objects are easy to place, but extremely cumbersome to remove; if you accidentally place 30 trees, you need to select each one individually and delete it. The object list interface DOESN'T allow for multiple deletions, either.

Also, the editor seems to have trouble saving a map/scenario, since it demands that I use "save as" every time.

But I'm more inclined to want to script scenarios than just make a map with pre-placed units and call it a scenario.

posted 08-04-05 02:12 PM EDT (US)     36 / 47  

Sleepless in San Jose

posted 08-06-05 05:33 AM EDT (US)     37 / 47  
My Impressions of the editor:

At first I thought it was going to be more difficult than EE1's (which I hadn't done much with the triggers it yet, so I thought EE1's triggers would be difficult at that point in time).

Then when did a little playing around, I thought it was easier until I tried to edit the unit stats and couldn't do much more than change the name of a unit. Then I found no triggers and extremely limited features-so it sucks worst than most editors. (of course most of the ones I have used are actually rather old like warcraft and starcraft-then there's Secret Weapons over Normandy which is pretty good but not easy)

Now for the game itself; whose smart idea was it to have only 1 plane for each type. Seriously, the US using Stukas in WWII? The only change that makes sense between EE and EE2 is having aircraft carriers with AA guns and allowing all aircraft to be able to land on carriers-which isn't saying much considering the genericiness of the aircraft (I mean what is this RoN?)

Sorry for the rant.

PS: Normandy mission sucked! Didn't it?

[This message has been edited by Iceblade (edited 08-06-2005 @ 05:37 AM).]

posted 08-17-05 06:53 PM EDT (US)     38 / 47  
Ur All idiotd, there is triggers but there just renamed, now there called cinimatics.

but i agrre the editor in ee1 is much beter

i think the best map editor is on star wars galactic battlegrounds, especially the expansion, clone campains.

posted 08-18-05 03:15 PM EDT (US)     39 / 47  
The cinematics tab is for creating cinematics, i have a strange feeling that cinematics arent triggers.

PS: its idiots not idiotd

posted 09-01-05 06:53 AM EDT (US)     40 / 47  
shut up.
posted 09-01-05 10:56 AM EDT (US)     41 / 47  
guys, stop it....

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  • posted 09-01-05 03:51 PM EDT (US)     42 / 47  
    Scripting languages are harder to learn but give you more versatility. We will see how good EE2's is with the next patch.

    It seems game designers can't win. If they release features straight away which are buggy they get whined at. If they decide to take their time and make the new feature better they still get whined at.

    Any program, which is all a game is, will have bugs - that is the inevitable result of thousands of lines of code.

    Frankly, if I had knocked my pipes out to produce something for people to enjoy, stated outright that I was prepared to patch and fix as necessary and still got the whiny negativity that we've had here, I wouldn't waste any more time on it. Tell me, kids, do you talk to your parents like that? Or can you recall those little words they told you about - respect and manners?

    Meanwhile we have a CoC. Follow it, please.

    My Karma ran over my Dogma

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    posted 10-03-05 02:44 AM EDT (US)     43 / 47  
    this is a great game overrall, with better and moer historically acurate units. I just wish i could understand script because i am bad at it...

    Phill is right, we should stop pointing out the bad aspects and encourage the good ones...

    its sad how whole familys can be torn apart by simple things... like wild dogs
    posted 07-08-07 09:46 PM EDT (US)     44 / 47  
    I can't see the pics it has thin square and X
    posted 07-08-07 11:57 PM EDT (US)     45 / 47  
    I wouldnt expect a fix on those pictures since Phil doesnt even work at Heaven games anymore. BTW welcome to EE heaven!

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    posted 07-30-07 11:00 AM EDT (US)     46 / 47  
    when i save my map on save as map... i go to play on it and it ends straight after i start it why is this?
    posted 09-26-07 04:39 PM EDT (US)     47 / 47  
    I do download a SCEN , I past it in the Saved games by AOC I do play saved games i sie nothing why ,,?
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