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Topic Subject: Nueva Hijglanda
posted 09-12-22 10:41 PM EDT (US)   
Hello people, I have decided to start (a little late) my own campaign where they recount events of a fictional civilization since the beginning of the human being, I would be very happy if you could play the first scenario of the campaign, and if I have enough approval I will continue with the story, thank you very much , (Story only in Spanish)

posted 09-15-22 04:00 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Hello Lukano1066, it is nice to see you are working on the scenario editor and producing campaigns. Would you ever consider producing campaigns available in both English and Spanish? Not trying to overload you with a lot of work.

I had a very quick look at your campaign both in the editor and in-game gameplay. It looks beautiful! My feedback:

Very Quick play:
Personal language barrier: Sadly, I can only speak/read English, so I had no idea what I had to do. This would have been a much better experience if I understood Spanish.

The map looks absolutely beautiful, I see a lot of work has been put into the map. From my very quick play, I really liked the eye candy.

Voice acting: I think voice acting would further improve this scenario. You do not need the "best" voice actor ever. It would help dyslexic people like myself and make good use of available tools. Empire Earth allows .wav format audio, I think also .mp3 format too. Modern day tools can convert audio easily.

Movie: Not a must, a possibility for campaign. I love your use of cinematics. You can also include videos too, if you wanted. I know Eqqman included videos throughout his campaign. Light of the Eternal City - Italian Campaign -

Your first scenario looks very interesting indeed. It makes me wish I understood the Spanish language. It looks a lot of fun with great potential. I only had a very quick look at it though.

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