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Topic Subject: A humble proposal
posted 07-21-12 04:15 AM EDT (US)   
Dear fellow EE members
As you know Empire Earth was developed by Rick Goodman and so was Empiresawn of modern world and Rise and Fall.These two games have a scenario editor much powerful than empire earth and should not be neglected as there are host of possibilities.I say all of us fellow scenario designers and gamers please restore the Empires heavengames site and rise and fall heavengames site...Trust me the designing experience will be fine as will the gaming experience.I am not saying to quit making scenarios for EE or stop playing but to also focus on their bigger brothers Empires dawn of modern world and rise and fall.If a game as old as age of kings can last this long then so can Empires and rise and fall.Who's with me?

PS:moderators sorry for the offtopic thread but this is a pretty serious issue since these games offer one of the most sophisticated editors which are currently unused.

PS2-Empires Creations team, I wholeheartedly recommend you guys to create scenarios for Empires and rise and fall.
posted 09-16-12 00:05 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
My reply to you MK I think was smothered by the Heaven hiccups when they transferred the server. In case you have not read it, I wrote something like this:

Empire Earth in itself has a lot of untapped potential, what with the span of history it encompasses. The problem is that the EE community have not been able to decode the CEM files that is like the Holy Grail of Empire Earth - the models, once decoded, can revive EE since the community will have a free hand in updating/ giving EE a new look with new graphics/ units in there.

The Titan Engines used for Empires Dawn of the Modern World is not compatible with the one in Empire Earth. Another game, Children of the Nile, has compatible CEM files, but the resulting graphics, when transported to the scen editor, is big and sloppy.

I have not personally played Civilizations Rise and Fall, but I plan to. I hope we can get something there, but I'm not too optimistic on that. Again, the source code for Empire Earth is the only thing that keeps out the community. It's very sad that such a superb game and scenario editor will be abandoned because of it.

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