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Topic Subject: The Senate of EEH
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posted 06-04-08 04:50 PM EDT (US)   

Welcome, psychopaths, gentlemen, and godly orange sailors! This is the official Adminstration, Senate, and Cabinet of The Banned Pepsi party. Please enjoy your stay and feel most welcome to enter the DUST headquarters!

Executive Branch

Our Lord, God, Master of all Things - GoSailing, the Great
President of Empire Earth Heaven - A_Banned_User
President of Empire Earth Heaven - Normandy
Vice President of EEH - Friend Of Old

Cabinet/Legislative Branch

-- Ministry of Plenty --
Minister of Health - Normandy887
Minister of The Treasury - Arvedui*
Minister of Tax and Economics - Arvedui
Minister of Shipping - Rot
Minister of Transport - FoO

-- Ministry of Peace --
Minister of Defence - Sargon
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Arvedui

-- Ministry of Truth --
Minister of Education - Arvedui*
Minister of Popular Enlightenment - Sargon
Minister of Redundancy Minister - Maeg

-- Ministry of Love --
Head of the Ministry of Love - Arvedui
Minister of Homeland Security - Sargon
Minister of Law and Punishment - Arvedui*

-- Important Heads --
Chancellor - FoO
Mafia Godfather - Rot
CEO and Head Researcher of DUST - FoO
Chairman and Treasurer of the Village Green Preservation Society - Scud
Lord of Humbug - FoO
Head of the Senate - Arvedui

-- Proles --
The Ministry Fool - TBK
Janitor - Nacht
DUST Test Subject - Nacht

All policy shall be decided by the Ministers and Presidents of Empire Earth Heaven. If we should require any other ministers, jobs in the cabinet will open up.

Remember, GoSailing is the Holy God of Everything. You will respect your God higher than the presidents, but they still rule your souls with an iron fist.

There are no opposition parties allowed. Not for two years, the time of the next election.

The title of Chancellor will be given to he who wins Evolva.

Our National Currency shall be the German Mark circa November 1923. So for knuckle draggers, that is 4,000,000,000,000 to one US Dollar.

Arvy & Sargy Co. have a permanent footing at EEH; they are a respected group and may not be thrown out. They may however choose to leave though we hope they do not as they generate all the Economy's money and are working around the clock to increase the value of our drastically failing currency. Just aid their research: we pay government funding into all their endevours.

To earn favour, you must WIN games hosted by a Minister or President. Lots of favour may be exhanged for a prize such as a permenant, high paying, do nothing job in our Senate.

We have freedom of religion, although should you not freely choose to follow the United Reformed Church of the Almighty GoSailing, one of the truely devot will club you for heresy. Remember, though: Thoughtcrime does not entail death; thoughtcrime is death.

FoO is our High Priest and administers all FailBoats. His nickname is Failboat FoO. He is to be revered. The government of EEH and Arvy & Sargy Co. support all his endeavours in DUST, as well. He is wonderful. He is the great FoO.

DUST (The Department of Unethical Scientific Testing) as lead by Friend of Old has a permenant foothold in Empire Earth Heaven as it is apparent their horrific loving torture research is in the best interest of the lands.

War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength. He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past.

This government is pacifist. However, we do not tolerate heretics of the Mighty Sails, escaped DUST experiments, or various other things.

If there's anything wrong with this or an edit must be made, please, please ask me to edit the thread and I will.

All and any laws broken may result in a ban. We will also sacrifice you to the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER.

Basic rights:
- Freedom of Speech
- Freedom of the press
- Freedom to express religious beliefs
- Freedom to destroy nuboids
- Freedom of intimidation from the law
- Right to own a pair of bear arms
- All are equal before the court

Ministrial Rights:
- One vote on laws based on each cabinent posision held
- May introduce bills
- Must be nominated and approved by chancellor, vice, or president
- One person can hold up to three ministerial positions
- All open Ministerial positions will be held by the Head of the Senate (owner of the thread). These fields will have an asterisk next to his name.

Chancellor powers:
- May aprove Ministers
- Has one vote in the bill passing process
- Is the current holder of the Evola thread

Vice Presidential Powers
- Holds one vote in the bill passing process
- May approve Ministers
- Can be removed by president at any time
- If during time of crisis, my call NO FAITH on the president

Presidential powers:
- Must be elected every two years
- There can never be more than TWO presidents
- May approve Ministers
- Have right to Veto
- Agreements on all fronts (President, Vice, Chancellor) may not be overruled by sails
- Has right to rule without government in a time of crisis (The Senate must first approve this)
- Has right to defend self against a call of no faith, decided by a ministry vote
- may remove, at will, his vice and reinstate a new one without aproval of Sails
- May remove ministers from office


- Amendments can be proposed by anyone
- Amendments require 2/3 majority to be passed
- Amendments cannot be repealed

The Truly Devout:

GoSailing (Ahhhahh-Ah-Ah-ah)
Failboat FoO

Those with the power to vote on bills:



Amendment 1

We allow the current holder of Evolva to decide who is chancellor. As we all know, we previously held that the current OP of Evolva is simply the chancellor. But this does not hold enough ground, and is not broad enough.

Each minister gets to vote on whether they agree with this being passed. I will contact Banned, other EEH president, as soon as possible to shed some light on this proposition. The ministers may vote whenever they wish. Once elected Chancellor, you may not be removed from power unless strong proof arises that you are corrupt, you leave EEH, or you willingly resign.

Amendment 2

DUST is now granted supreme power over all those judged to be sub-par forummers. We need this so that we can develop a drug that will enhance grammar, vocabulary and the need to be constructive and interesting in n00bs.

For this DUST will need supreme judgment to rule who are n00bs and who isn't. The head of the new Department of Love will be my trusted associate researcher, Arvedui.

Current Propositions


How about, at the end of each semi-annual mafia awards, Arvy and I each host a game simultaneously (and collaboratively). We can start on July 2, 2008. The Star Wars theme will last until July 2, 2009.


Sargon - Nay
Arvedui - Aye
Rot - Aye
FoO - Aye
Scud - Aye


"Arvy is randomly full of win." - Skarr
"I don't watch cartoons, those are for third class people." - Arvy
"Yeah, children, those third class people." - Sails
And because I bet Blatant he wouldn't be orange in two days and lost... HEIL BLATANT!

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posted 10-26-08 11:38 AM EDT (US)     661 / 667  
Lol, we got taught how to make Tea is PSCHE. Just because our then-teacher is epic beyond belief and argued that a big part of social life is Tea. Guess who made the best cup?

Veni, Vidi, Castratavi Illegitimos.
posted 11-02-08 03:37 AM EDT (US)     662 / 667  
John Lennon?

Who Dares Wins - SAS Motto.
My LOTR Saga Thread(Currently In Production)
My Scens: The SASo0-0o Hold The City
posted 11-02-08 08:00 AM EDT (US)     663 / 667  
Tea making from beyond the grave...

Veni, Vidi, Castratavi Illegitimos.
posted 11-02-08 12:13 PM EDT (US)     664 / 667  
I'm not dead yet.


Doctor FoO
posted 03-01-10 05:42 PM EDT (US)     665 / 667  
I attempted to talk to Ash about this on MSN but he was busy playing xbox!!

I would very much like for EEH to join the Soviet Union. Things will appropriate like normal, as EEH is already a federation. A drift to socialism is necessary, however. The Soviet Union currently has 1 republic and one federative territory. Additionally, we have high claims to a republic of OD.

Our policies can be found here.

Workers of the world, unite!

☭ Long live the Turk ☭
"Xzy is the worst parts of kman and legion combined, only with proper spelling so you know he's smart enough to act otherwise if he wasn't such an idiot." - theferret
"Xzy is like all of the terrible Guardian contributors rolled into one person. Proof that you can genetically engineer a humanoid abomination." - Fiindil
posted 01-23-14 05:11 PM EDT (US)     666 / 667  
ABU has been president of this place for like almost 6 years. So much for 2-year election cycles.

EE forever
posted 08-08-14 02:33 AM EDT (US)     667 / 667  
Just because you've been missing all those totally-not-rigged elections...

"Arvy is randomly full of win." - Skarr
"I don't watch cartoons, those are for third class people." - Arvy
"Yeah, children, those third class people." - Sails
And because I bet Blatant he wouldn't be orange in two days and lost... HEIL BLATANT!
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