Empire Earth - Building A Civ

by Lord Hyzhenhok

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bobby204 07/25/02    
Overall: 3
For me this wasnt much help. I like the other custom civ article better.

Dror 02/16/02    
Overall: 4
the strategy is very good,but i wanna also reply to matie: i think your right,a civ does need a goal. and i sure that the designer wanted that there will be a good&bad thing in each of our choices.

fissh_e 02/3/02    
Overall: 4
Nice info, i'll try to make some more civs i guess... However, this strat seems somewhat incomplete. Whats your take on the extra pop cap or the villy cost reduction? Please expand it if you can.

Matei 02/2/02    
Overall: 4
This is an OK start but there are more important things to remember about custom civs. First, instead of getting economic bonuses, a cost reduction may help more. I made a civ with cost reductions for everything in Nano except boats, and it's more effective than getting all the eco bonuses. Sometimes, getting a mining bonus and a cost reduction works well. Second, there are several bonuses that are almost must-haves unless you have a very specific civ planned. In pretty much any age, building +50% HP is worth it. In ww2 and later, bomber area of damage is great since it affects atomic bombers, which are good in both defence and offence with the extra area. If you're serious about bombing you can also get the cost reduction, changing them from 700 gold and iron to 560 gold and iron. In earlier ages, a siege weapon bonus (attack for example) or a prophet one (range is usually best) is a must-have. Third, your civ should have a goal in mind. There are rusher civs, raider civs, boom civs, swarm civs, civs that rely on a few elite units, etc. Try to plan one that best suits your style. When you're playing a game and you think "Gee, I really wish my archers had more armor", you know that's a bonus you want.

SunDown 02/2/02    
Overall: 4
Not bad... But I think it's a little short. Nowadays people play a lot with custom civs... But... Thanx for posting!

Funky_Chicken 02/2/02    
  You forgot to mention that some of the best bonuses are for units that appear in different ages for example you can build infantry ranged in any age and infantry spear fom stone-industrial also cavalry ranged rule.

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