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by wes1763

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Date Added:February 07, 2002
Epoch Span:Middle through Atomic (Modern)
Category:Miscellaneous/Civ Specific
This is a guide to the civs for the Middle ages though the Modern age. It is not a civ specific strategy so it is kinda general but I think you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I also encourage some of your "experts" out there to write some of these strats for the other players out there. Remember, we were all rookies once in our lives.



Austria is one of the most popular civs to play. They have a solid economy with a good hunting/foraging bonus. Use the spear infantry in an early game for a good solid rush. Then follow up with sword calvary attacks. This is one of the best civilizations in its time period.


England is the U.S.A. of their time period. They have very strong economy which means a strong military. England is the civ to choose on water maps. It is one of the only civs with a strong enough economy for it to be able to be producing ships at multiple dock. The fishing bonus and the gold mining bonus rank England as one of the best civs also (especially for water maps).


The Franks have excellent cavalry and that is the only real military bonuses they get which means that your enemy will expect to see lots of cavalry from you. You really must build up your other parts of the military for this civ to protect your cavalry. They have decent wood and gold bonuses also.

Kingdom of Italy

This civ has some decent bonuses. They are a good all around civ to choose. They are really good on highland maps. Concentrate on infantry cavalry production. You really need to harass the enemy with this civ.

Ottoman Empire

The Ottomans have some great economic bonuses. They are an economic booming civ. The citizens are built faster and they get a farming and stone bonus. The combo to use with this civ is ranged cavalry and field cannon.


This civ has a sound economy. It isn’t awesome but it will support the military. They don’t take long to get started. They have some of the best military bonuses in the game. Their main bonuses are steered toward infantry. Make them the backbone of your army. Make sure you send units to support your troops. Don’t send in only infantry. If you put these guys on a mountainous map they are unstoppable.

WW1 THROUGH MODERN (This is where I usually play so expect these to be just a little bit longer than the rest.)


One of my favorite civs to play. These guys are your dream team if you like infantry more than the monotonous smash and bash tanks. They excel in range and attack on their infantry. Their AT guns are awesome. Their economy is perfectly suited to take on any comers. Their economy is perfect for making machine guns and AT guns the bulk of the army. Also the enemy will have a tough time getting through this civs defenses. Make sure you get off a good early rush with this civ. I usually only build artillery, AT guns, machine guns, and half tracks. I would also suggest the awesome snipers which when uprgraded have a range of 15! All of these things make it one of my favorite to play.


This is a pretty good civ because of its awesome air force and tanks. It is not a good rushing civ and takes a while to get its economy going well. Make lots of tanks with this civ. But don’t forget the infantry. This civs U-Boats also provide a little something to the person that really likes the navy side of the game. It just isn't that great of an economic civ.

Great Britain

The best civ for the ocean maps. This is a very fast civ. They build faster and get a hunting/foraging bonus that allows this civ to shoot up quickly. Get control of the seas with their awesome frigates. Don’t forget about the AT guns. They also get bonuses for their aircraft which let you defend a little better. Just don't rely on the aircraft.


This is a very powerful civ. It has the ability to rush very, very early and to keep on sending in troops with their fast producing and very cheap infantry. They also get good helicopters. The farming bonus lets them make more of the dreaded infantry to rush with. Make lots of helicopters to patrol the oceans and ambush citizens.


The key here is tanks and infantry. They get a nice iron bonus which helps out here. Watch out for AT guns. Make the biggest economy you can and slowly advance over the whole map.

United States

The real powerhouse of the skies. They have the best bombers around and cheaper tanks.Make sure you build a good amount of bombers, fighters, and even atomic bombers since this is one of the few civs that can afford it. They have a very flexible economy in which they get gold and iron bonuses. They also get the battleship and carrier bonuses which really carry over to mean that the United States can control the air and the sea at the same time. Their citizens can build faster which really rounds this civ out as one of the best Atomic Age civs of all.

I hope this guide has helped some of you out there that were trying to decide which civ to use. Let me know what you think.

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