Empire Earth 2 - Units

Unique Units

Frontiersman= scout
Minuteman= heavyinfantry
M18 Hellcat= light tank

Atlatl Thrower= light inf
Jaguar Knight= Heavy cav
Jungle Healer= Medic

Assyrian Bowmen= light inf
Mameluke= Light Cav
Desert Fighter= Heavy Inf

Druid= Priest
Light Horse= Heavy cav
MI-6 Agent= Spy

Dragon Archer= Light Inf
Dragon Song= Heavy siege
T-96 Tank= Heavy Tank

Royal Elephant= Heavy Cav
Bedouin= Light Cav
EIFV-Fighting Vehicle= Light Cav

Barbarian= Heavy Inf
Teutonic Knight= Heavy Cav
Jagged Panther= Tank

Hoplite= Heavy Inf
Tagmata= Heavy Cav
Partisan= Heavy Inf

Bola Thrower= Light Inf
Eagle Warrior= Light Inf
Thunder Gun= Heavy Siege

Samurai= Heavy Inf
Ninja= Spy
Zero Fighter= Fighter plane

Hwarang= Heavy Cav
Hwacha= Light Siege
Mortar Team= Light Inf

Quetzal Warrior= Heavy Inf
Hornet Thrower= Light Siege
Sunray= Light Siege

Legionnaire= Heavy Inf
Mercenary= Heavy Inf
Arditi= Heavy Inf

Spahi= Heavy Cav
Janissary= Heavy Inf
Trench Gunner= Heavy Inf

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