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Game Types

Conquest - pretty obvious really. Last man or team standing. Destroy all enemy units and all buildings capable of producing units.

Crowns (Number) - win a specified number of crowns, decided by the host.

Crowns (Timed) - host specifies the amount of time in minutes that a player must have spent in possession of any combination of crowns in order to be the winner.

Territory Control - you must control a percentage of territories to win. Host decides how many.

King of the Hill - at the beginning of the game a neutral territory is in the centre of the map. First player to capture and hold the KOTH sturcture in the neutral territory for the host-specified time wins.

Capitols - your first city centre is your capitol and cannot be destroyed, only captured. If captured you have a host-set time to regain it or you are out of the game.

Allied Capitols - same as capitols except for teams. Any team member can recapture any other team member's capitol if that team member is incapable of doing it themself. Again, a timer decides if they do it in time or if the member who owns the capitol is out of the game.

Regicide - protect your leader, if he dies you lose. Solo and Team.

Hot Spots - the host selects a number of locations on the map that are considered to be vital. When the game starts the first hot spot becomes visible and the first player to build a fortress on it wins it. Then the next appears and so on. Whoever has the most at the end of the game wins. Solo and Team.

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