Empire Earth 2 - Cheats

Cheats are invoked by using the chat box. You can bring up the chat box by pressing the enter key. Once that is opened simply type in one of the cheat codes below to invoke its effects. They are not case sensitive.



icheat Enables all of the Following Codes
idontcheat Disables all Cheat Codes
loot Add 10,000 of each resource
taxes Subtract 100 of each resource
punish Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit
convert Convert selected unit
recharge me Instant recharge power for selected unit
win Instantly win scenario (May be disabled)
epoch up Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements
give tech Add 50 technology points
toggle fog Toggle the fog of war on\off
sea monkeys Toggle instant build on\off
play god God Mode on\off (Your Units and Building should take no damage)

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