Empire Earth 2 - Epoch XV Technology Guide

Pick an Epoch:

Synthetic Age

The Investment

Epoch 15 technologies will cost you 26 tech points per technology. Epoch 15 is the pinnacle of development and you can no longer advance further in Epochs.

The Benefits

Talking of benefits, let us see what the different technologies are available in this epoch.



Requires : University

Bonus : +3 Healing Radius

Affects : Medics
Smart Vehicles

Requires : Factory

Bonus : +10% Speed

Affects : Net Fire Launchers
Sentient AI

Requires : University

Bonus : +10% Conversion Resistance

Affects : All Units
Sensory Enhancement

Requires : University

Bonus : +3% Morale, +3% Fervor

Affects : Occupied Territories


Automated Highways

Requires : Market

Bonus : +10% HP, +10% Speed

Affects : Trade Carts
Spiritual Revolution

Requires : University

Bonus : -10% Cost, -10% Build Time

Affects : Temples, Universities, Wonders

Requires : City Center

Bonus : +5 Garrison Slots

Affects : City Centers, Warehouses
Virtual Market

Requires : Market

Bonus : -20% Trade Load Time

Affects : Trade Carts, Container Ships


Cybernetic Organisms

Requires : University

Bonus : -15% Power Recharge Time

Affects : Spies, MI-6 Agent, Priests
Artificial Brain

Requires : City Center

Bonus : +25% Regional Power Duration

Affects : Regional Power
Magnetic Dampening Shields

Requires : Manufacturing Plant

Bonus : +10% HP

Affects : Myrmidon Heavy Tanks
Nano Machines

Requires : Dock

Bonus : +10% HP

Affects : All NAval Units

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