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Ultima X

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Style: Build and Destroy
Dark times have again beset Britannia. Evil abounds in the land. Pirates sail the seas and raid unwary ports. Brigands and monsters infest the highways and are gathering strength to assault the remaining virtue-cities of Britannia. Batlin's fellowship has subverted many previously loyal Britannians to a secret order with dark aims. Lord Blackthorne, foe of Lord British and master of the three shadowlords, prepares an attack from his island fortress.

Of the eight city-states ruled by Lord British, three have been subverted by the forces of darkness. The assassin DeSnel has become governer of the Fighter haven of Jhelom by murder and deceit, while the Mages of Moonglow and the Lycaeum have fallen under a dark spell. The Rangers of Skara Brae have been seduced by the spells of the Lich Horace. The three citadels -- The Lycaeum, Empath Abbey, and Serpent's Hold -- have also been destroyed. Their flames -- the flame of truth, the flame of love, and the flame of courage, have been extinguished. Only you can rekindle the eternal flames.

Five peoples remain loyal to Lord British: the Bards of Britain (home to Lord British's castle), the Druids of Yew, the Tinkers of Minoc, the Paladins of Trinsic and the southern cape, and the Shepherds of New Magincia.

The land again is in need of a hero, and Lord British has summoned you -- the Avatar from another world -- to bring order and restore the principles of the Eight Virtues. Against great odds, you and your loyal companions, with the assistance of a few friendly and helpful Britannians, must accomplish this task.

Turn game music to OFF and sound effects to ON for this scenario.

Rebuild the virtue citadels of Truth, Love, and Courage:
-Rebuild the Lycaeum (citadel of Truth) in the flagstone area in the northwest of Dagger Isle (the island of the mages).
-Rebuild Empath Abbey (citadel of Love) straight to the west of Yew (the druid city), near the sea.
-Rebuild Serpent's Hold (citadel of Courage) in the southeast portion of Serpent Isle (the large island to the southeast of Trinsic, and West of the Gargoyle island)
-Rebuild the Temple of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom on the Isle of the Avatar (where the monsters are based in the southeast corner of the map)

Destroy key structures which are sources of the enemy's power:
-Destroy the capitol of Buccaneer's Den
-Destroy Blackthorne's Palace
-Destroy the Library of Scars in Jhelom (the fighter city)
-Destroy the Tower of Horace the Lich in Skara Brae (the ranger city)
-Destroy the Wall of Lights on the Isle of the Avatar
-Destroy the Fellowship Meditation Retreat

With each task completed, you will receive civ points and the Avatar will grow stronger.

If the Avatar dies or Lord British's castle is destroyed, the game is over.

May the Virtues guide you!
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File Author
I appreciate the feedback, but I feel that Goofycarpet's review penalizes the scenario unfairly.

For playability, I wonder if Goofycarpet played the scenario for more than a few minutes. His claim that "You just kill a few important buildings of the enemies" is patently false, as there are twelve (12) distinct objectives, many of which involve building unique new buildings in other locations and protecting existing buildings and your avatar, as well as destroying enemy buildings. You can see this by reading the description, looking at the objectives, or watching the intro cinematics in the scenario. I felt that the objectives were balanced, challenging, intriguing, and that the scenario was highly playable and a lot of fun. There are many triggers in the game. Any feedback is welcome, but I'd at least appreciate others avoiding mischaracterizations that are blatantly untrue.

Regarding "creativity," no, I didn't invent the Ultima series, but neither did other scenario designers invent World War II, the conflict in Afghanistan, or some of the other historical or fantasy events which are depicted in various campaigns. I wonder if the reviewer has ever played any of the Ultima games, and suspect not. I think that anyone who is familiar with them could attest that this scenario does indeed demonstrate significant creativity in the adaptation of some the themes, landscape, and characters of Ultima to an original story with many unique features -- in no way is it simply an "Ultima clone."

In reference to the final criticism, "Doesnt Tell you if u die if u lose or not" [sic], it is difficult for me to decipher what Goofycarpet is referring to. Could you please express this more clearly? Do you want a special "you die" cinematic at the end if things go badly? It's a lot more fun if you play it correctly so that you can win.

I thought that this scenario deserved better than a 4.0 rating, but thanks anyway.

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