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AzN-Final: Black Ash Isles

Author File Description
AznKnightmare Description: The island resembles somewhat of an early prehistoric or lost continent. Black ash and rocky hills are plentiful. Grass is sparse but tall, giving the map an untouched feel. You start with no Capitol. Instead, you get only citizens and one controllable Eagle. Use the Eagle to scout. And since theres no AA until WWI, your Eagle is unlikely to be killed. The Eagle cannot do damage and has a sight of about one cell...


Setup and Installation: This is simple, just extract all the files to X:, where drive X would be the drive that Empire Earth is installed in. Be sure though, to have 'Use folder names' or 'Keep file paths' check (depending on the program you use to extract, it will be different. i reccomend you use winzip.). All files will then be placed into thier respective folders.

Running: Load up Empire Earth (be sure not to have Empire Earth runnning while you install. it will not run if you do.). Where you set up a game, click on the Map Type drop down (where it has plains, large islands, small islands, and etc...), and select 'AzN' (it should be there with no quotes.). Start the game. Enjoy! ^_^

Running with Multiple Online Players: Same as above, but EVERYONE has to have the RMS to play. If not, the game will go out-of-sync. Make sure EVERYONE has it!

Reccomended sizes/player ratios:
2-3 Players: Large Map
4-5 Players: Huge Map
6-8 Players: Gigantic Map
*Remember, host with 10 villagers per player. Othwerwise, if one villager dies, that person cannot garrison a Town Center!*

Contact: AznKnightmare@hotmail.com
*Tech question that's already answered here will not be answered. Contact others who have already installed it for help if needed.*
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Angel Rasher
Well, this is certainly the most unique random maps that I have played yet for EE, and by far the most confusing at first.

All players start with their citizens scattered randomly across the map, and with an eagle as a scout (which is a very good idea, IMHO).

The first impression one gets when loading up the RMS is the varied and beautiful terrain - you wont see any of these terrain tiles in the default random maps that ship with the the game. The second thing you will probably notice is that you are gonna have to assemble your citizens to build a settlement and upgrade it to a TC. Thirdly, you are going to notice the almost complete lack of resources.

Indeed, games are based on finding and controlling the scattered resources. The recommended settings for only two players is a large map, which means that there is a tremendous amount of ground to cover. In my opinion, it would have been best to add a few more patches of gold and iron per map, allowing the author to scale down the recommended size, as a large map for two players does seem like a little bit of overkill. I made the mistake of playing it with a small map, and it was neary unplayable due to the only 2 patches of gold and iron, both of which I controlled immediately.

Overall, this is a very fresh and unique RMS. It can be slightly frustrating at times, but it certainly breathes a breath of fresh air into random map games. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.
Matei Wow, this is nice. Since it has the new terrains, you can load them in the editor to use too :).

I am tired of playing
on round islands and big square continents
and every resource at my doorstep when I start a game.

With this map, you have a colorful world to explore.
(Not just a brown world, a white world or a green world.)

If you are lucky enough to get your first five guys
together(watch out for wolves...sometimes the game is over instantly),
they can build a settlement where they can
eke out a living and progress to a position of strength.
Then you can explore the big, wide, dangerous world and find food.
This is fun!!!!! Exploring is fun!!!

My random map generator is permanently
locked in to use this script.

Love it!!! Thanks :)
maximus_l Took several times to get this working without it crashing my EE. Once i got it to work, i found to be nothing special. YOur villagers start out scattered about, that was a bit unusual. the computer a.i didnt play this very well, so all in all it wasnt that fun
ive played this a few more times, guess the first one i did was an anomaly, so i am going to up my rating. The 2nd and third time i played the maps came out much better. The first time it was all black with none of the lush greed areas.

File Author
Yeah.. the map does not work with Tiny or Small :-p.
I guess you loaded it in small or tiny so notthing came out :-{
Surprisingly unique considering it is a nomad map though I do see room for improvement. (more flat land, larger rivers, etc.)
Really unusual look but very cool. A little freaky to play on though. But great for the later cyber ages for that scifi feel. Some of the maps on certain sizes is a bit off but a great map in general. :-)
Conquer_RON Please don't submit a file in this fashion again!

You could accidently overwrite your entire game directory if you didn't know what you were doing.

Simply state that to install, place the .rms files into the SierraEmpire EarthDataRandom Map Scripts folder.
stue001 @ ron
no you cant

btw love this...
keep it up

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