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The Great Oceanic War

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Build and Destroy
Needs AoC?: No
After WW4 the Pacific is the center of the world. However, even after 'The Last War' there is still war over the few resources left.

Join any of the 4 alliances or try to win the war going your own way.

--- Story ---

After World War 4 also known as 'The Last War' in 2371 most humans were killed. Almost the entire world was involved in the war. The war only lasted for a few days as nuclear weapons was deployed in great numbers. Only the most remote islands were unphased. Most countries simply seized to exist or chaos would insue as their respective goverments were destroyed. Only the countries of Oceania were completely unharmed. After the war the used of nuclear weapons was banned and the great peace was signed which banned warfare entirely. Many people died in the aftermatch of the war and people who could fleet to different Oceanic countries.

This large influx of people gave great prosperty to these countries as first, but later as more people fleet the countries of Oceania would struggle to keep everybody fed. The refugees was soon in the majority and in many cases the same nationalities would flee to the same country. This resulted in the that many of the same prejudices were imported from the destroyed countries of the war.

New Zealanders and Australians primarily moved to Kiribati. However, Kiribati could not handle all the refugees so they moved a lot of them to a small uninhabited island called Rawaki. The Kiribatian goverment left them to govern themselves as they had enough problems already. The refugees of Rawaki expanded the island and formed a new country. They simply called the new nation: "The Republic of Rawaki".

As tensions rose in the Pacific several defence alliances were made: the Polynesian League, the Micronesian Alliance and the Soloman Treaty. The idea was that it would not make sense to attack another alliance as it would trigger a war. Only the Kingdom of Hawaii did not join a defence alliance as they did not fell it necessary.

The Great Peace would end in 2398 as the three alliances would declare war on each other following years of skirmishes on smaller islands. This great war would later be called the Great Oceanic War. The war would ultimative claim hundred of tousands of lives before a peace was settled.

--- Difficulty ---

The difficulty will depend on if you play on easy, medium or hard. Playing on hard will challenge even the best players so you might want to play on a lower difficulty if you have a hard time.

--- Credits ---

Remastered Siege by Fortuking
Playtesting by EC_TEK and shieldwolf23

--- Other ---

This is made using the default textures. You are welcome to modify the scenario. Let me know what you think.
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EC_TEK Reviewed

[Edited on 05/09/22 @ 01:19 PM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
This scenario does not suffer from any lag or glitches. The trigger work is fluid and smooth. The only deduction from me is that a lot of things are going on at the same time, over the whole of the map, which makes managing your forces somewhat difficult

Balance: 4
Full disclosure - I played on EASY. My strategy was to use CIV points on towers/AA and island hop and build defenses. This was very successful early on but became increasingly less successful. Now - for me, this was a little too difficult on EASY, especially once the various enemies began falling, and so you became a primary target

Creativity: 5
Something very important to me is the use of class-name effects. I also appreciate variations on attributes. The author did a very good job using these effects to create a unique and fun atmosphere for the game. The story itself is one of fiction and a lot of fun for it. The use of audio files for dialog is generally unheard of in our community - lot of fun seeing you use those

Map Design: 4.5
The map is very very good. My only complaint, which is a common one for me, is that there is nothing unique or memorable from island to island or from base to base. Otherwise, the terrain, eye candy and water terrain was all very well done

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is unique and creative, and I quite enjoyed being thrust into this story. The instructions were clear and well laid out. The hints were very useful for the player, and the history was more than sufficient

Additional Comments:

Very good work. This is the first of your scenarios that I've played. Looking forward to playing more of them
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
This is a fun scenario with tons of replayability. Solid trigger-work that blends naturally, like playing a skirmish game.

Balance: 4.5
At last! A Hitjuich scenario I managed to beat on Hard, albeit with a ton of reloads. :D Not perfect because sometimes, I still find myself swarmed by enemies, although I have a theory it may be the AI itself.

Creativity: 5
As always, the voice-overs lends a professional feel to the scenario making. The setting too is unique and is appropriately thought-out.

Map Design: 4.5
The map itself is sufficient, and since it is a water-map, we can't really ask for more terrain mixes. However, the elevation and use of choke points and various geographic features aids in the gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I found a lot of typographical and grammatical mistakes, although that's basically nitpicking. Nothing phenomenal in story-telling, but understandable since it is a quick fun scenario of build and destroy.

Additional Comments:
I know the real world is always a pain-in-the-neck, Hitjuich, but anytime you have the time to create and submit in a scenario, please consider doing so! Hope this is not the last one from you!
shieldwolf23 Reviewed!
File Author
Hi Tek and shield. Thanks for the review :)

I think my scenarios are just more difficult than the average scenario on EEH. As a nonnative English speaker I will make grammatical errors however many time I read through the texts.

My next project will most likely be a scenario as it is much easier to create than an entire campaign.

[Edited on 05/25/22 @ 10:28 AM]

shieldwolf23 Hopefully soon! :D

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Map Design4.5
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