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The Levantine Campaign: The Siege of Acre

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
Needs AoC?: No
Scenario One
Version 3.0

This scenario offers the opportunity to the player to rewrite history at Acre. In 1291 (historically), the Mamluk Sultan's army defeated the Christians and essentially removed all Latin Crusaders from the Levant

You play as Amalric of Tyre, regent at Acre
Your allies include the Teutonic and Templar knights
You may choose to ally yourself with the Byzantines, and the local Orthodox populace

This scenario has over 100 triggers, 200 effects, and an epic siege battle. I hope you all enjoy this

Special thanks to Empire Creations
After so many years, we are still together despite the drop in Empire Earth's popularity

Special thanks to Shieldwolf for inspiring me to design again, though that was not his intention

So, after seven years without designing, here is

The Siege of Acre
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Darkonen Interesting, thanks!
Super difficult.
File Author
Soty thank you for the feedback.
I was able to win on hard, but I wouldn't recommend it. Let me know where the balance problems come up, and I will see about lessening difficulty.
Keep me posted and thank you for playing :)
shieldwolf23 Appreciated brother! Will play and review. Excited, since this is a new series :)


I believe this is one of your polished and enjoyable scenario tek! Although Soty is correct, it is quite difficult. I have played on Hard also, and reloaded at least 3 times, but still lost because I forgot that all 3 capitols need to stand. *facepalm* I stopped there since I want to replay once you edit this.

A couple of things though, if you can consider them before I review (I believe this would lessen the difficulty).

1. Please put the hospital somewhere the player can use the whole area effect. Right now it is blocked by trees.

2. It took also around 5 minutes for me to find the archery range, it is hidden.

3. Give the ability to create siege weapons, at least a ballista/ stone thrower, just to even the odds.

4. Please allow the player at least 5-10 mins to gather resources, before the enemy attacks. Or maybe give at least 2000 food, just to force the player to use the barter function.

All in all, I am very much looking forward to this! Please consider revisiting it before I review it!

[Edited on 09/14/20 @ 03:55 PM]

File Author
To Shield and Soty

I've updated as followed:

- One of the hospitals has been moved
- The archery range is more visible
- Ballista has been added to tech
- Starting food increased by 1000
- Other resources increased marginally
- Player's knights doubled
- Player's given more archers to start
- Two small outposts created outside of the fortress

I hope this will make the scenario less difficult and more enjoyable. Keep in mind if you play on MEDIUM or EASY your CIV POINTS and RESOURCES will be more than on HARD

Looking forward to your feedback

- tek
shieldwolf23 But I always play on Hard, tek! :D Will play again and review.


[Edited on 09/18/20 @ 04:15 PM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.8
All difficulty types are represented in this scenario, and a lot of player options too. Your choices will definitely shape up your experience!

Balance: 4
Originally 3.5, but with the changes, I made it to 4. There is no mistaking that this is no walk in the park scenario. Play hard at your own risk!

Creativity: 4.8
This is, for me, one of the most polished versions of Altek Tec's scenarios. The triggers are well thought-out, with the features subtle but relevant to the scenario.

Map Design: 4.5
Interesting map design, with variable terrain choices.

Story/Instructions: 5
As usual, this is where the author shines! This is one great campaign opener for hopefully a successful series!

Additional Comments:

:) I finished the scenario on Hard after 2 tries (game time 2 hours 34 minutes). May I suggest that for Balance, tie the AI attacks on military popcap. Also allow players to end the scenario goal via killing the leader or attacking (2,400 game seconds to wait out the Sultan is brutal, man! That's 40 minutes! You are a masochist, tek! )
I played on easy and got completely flooded by the green player. It really seems i am a terrible player :)
File Author
Shield - thank you very much for taking the time to review. You know what a boon it is to receive a high score from quality designers like yourself!

Soty - I'm sorry the scenario is proving too difficult. I don't expect you to want to play it again, but I have made another update to better suit players looking for an easier experience. I took Shield's recommendation to shorten the time for the major siege by 33%, I increased resources again for EASY setting, and I added some more defenders for both yourself and your allies. I suspect this will be the last edition of this scenario.

I hope you both have an opportunity to play The Conquest of Jerusalem and the subsequent scenarios. In the mean time, if you have anything to playtest let me know on the EC board

- tek

[Edited on 09/25/20 @ 08:19 PM]

shieldwolf23 EDIT:

I have reviewed Jerusalem tek.

OG message:

Always a pleasure tek! I am already 2 hours into the next scenario. So yes, I am taking my time and will review afterwards.

Soty, I suggest to devote your gold to crossbows and iron to longswords. Continue pumping out fishing boats, but don't guard them, just let them be destroyed, as long as your fleet stays at your nearest docks they would be fine. Do the extra treaties to buff out your bonuses. Micro manage your bows and crossbows to target individual units, and have your cavalry always target the enemy siege first.

Hopefully that would help.

[Edited on 09/29/20 @ 12:51 AM]

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Map Design4.5
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