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Yet another attempt to a realism mod

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Needs AoC?: Yes
A mod aiming for realism but still far from balance, working on it since starting of October 2018. Now with a few fixes, to let you know i'm still alive :p
I will still update this in future, since i'm learning new things everyday

Update: fixed formation size and a few tank costs, and fixed the dune patrol and mining unit crashing the game

Update 2 (01/18/19): added instructions since i figured it wasn't very clear

1)DB Families

-Many resistances and weaknesses changes
-Tanks completely immune to melee and much resistant to humans in general (not at/bazooka)
-Buildings basically the same, with some more resistances
-Aircrafts get some damage from infantry(few), and from some mechs
-Ships like tanks, with some weaknesses
-Human units with some weaknesses
-Mechs same as tanks, some differences (they are quite overpowered now, i might change that if needed)
-Sieges and rams, some changes
-Towers and walls almost like buildings
-Other minor changes

2)DB GFX Effects

-Some effect are bigger
-Some much bigger
-Some smaller

3)DB Objects

-Changed almost every unit stats
-All units have much, much higher rotting time (they stay longer on ground). I didnt make them have resources, because i wanted them to disappear after a long time
-Human units are halved in size, with speeds and size of collision changed accordly (mounted units a bit faster in comparison to before). This was made to make maps look bigger in general
-They also have a few less hp
-Almost every unit has highly increased damage
-Changed the graphic scale for many units, other than humans, trying to make them look realistic
-mounted units spawn a unit on death (for example horseman spawns a maceman). Wanted to make that a 50% chance, but don't know how
-sieges, tanks, etc. have a much slower fire rate, higher ranges and different area of effect
-They are also highly slowed according to humans new sizes.
-(Love that) Tanks have now got a projectile (the grenade launcher one, i thought was the best one), so their attacks now explode on impact, and they also have an area of effect.
-That projectile and a few other are now faster
-(Love that too) Tanks, mechs, and some other units now create the 'furies explosion' on death. They can't self destruct, and it does less damage than before (it has friendly damage too)
-Many units have different attack speeds (for example slower archers, faster marines)
-Some special buildings are now much bigger
-Made the Ishtar wonder and the Eiffel tower occupy 1 tile only, so one can walk under it. Sadly, they walk into the columns too. It may be corrected in scenarios with 'impassable tiles' or something else. Can change that if needed
-Ships are also much bigger. The modern ones, especially, are quite huge. I wanted to make the AI produce less of them for better looking, but didn't manage to do it properly.
-modern battleships also have a lot of damage, since i made all units have the same % of increased damage overall
-Aircrafts/Helicopters have now huge speeds, reaching 40 and similar with latest ones (this makes them like 10 times faster than some sieges)
-like some ships, the latest ages aircrafts have a lot of damage too
-Atomic bombs now have an area of attack a lot higher (50 - 70 - 90 respectively with ages. I would have made them bigger but it would be game breaking). Destroy them fast
-Attempt to create some differences between same age units (infantry mostly)
-Airport is bigger to let bigger planes fit in while taking off. Sadly the planes take off at half runway, and im not sure how to make the rolling longer

4)DB Technologies

-All special units and buildings now available in random maps etc.
-Changed the costs to realistic values. No more tanks costing food. So for example a stone age spearman costs a few iron and wood for the weapon, and food
-They are overall higher than before

|Wanted to make the zeus 2 and command unit buildable in space age, but this made the file crash while opening it again| Help appreciated :p

5)DB World (optional)

-12 workers on mines
-10.000 max pop

6)DB Buttons

-i want this to be clear: i downloaded this one from the download section (not sure where, will find out, promised), since some units didn't appear. I wasn't sure how to position buttons myself.


-There is a little bug where missile troopers and sherman flamethrower (maybe some others) showing a different button when building; however the true button shows when the unit is created

-carrier's planes go back in the carrier at the end of the take off. A player solves this by sending them somewhere fastly, the computer can't use them. This happens on space carrier too. i probably will revert their size to original, sorry

Units walk into the stables for some reason, and i can't understand why. I will try to solve that

I found that some space units, mining tank(forgot the name) and dune patrol, make the game crash the moment they attack. I have no idea on that, but i will fix that somehow. Sorry

THE END (pt.2)

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Philla007 Hey there! The file cannot be opened
File Author
I tried it now, and i was able to open it with winrar, maybe it was used another program;

I want to add, i have found some minor bugs while this was approved, so i may upload the file in the future; didn't know this could be done, i wouldn't have made 2 posts ahah
(Don't mind the "other file" referred in the description, there isn't since it was similar to this one)

[Edited on 11/12/18 @ 09:50 AM]

Philla007 I still can't open it, maybe you could join our Slack forum and post it there, here is invitation:
File Author
Saw this project long ago but i'm not sure if i can be of much help with it, i just used Forlins' dbeditor for my mod and i am not that much skilled;

But if it's fine anyway, i might join tomorrow, thank you :)

If someone else has problems opening the file please tell me, i might try something else

[Edited on 11/14/18 @ 04:37 PM]

oswald419 hello friend, the mode is very good, except the boats in the modern age, they are very good, better, by default, it is about repairing that, everything very good all
File Author
Hey, thank you very much for the review.

Yes, i am still making some changes so i may fix some problem, and give an update.

Have fun :)
File Author
Updated with a few fixes, check at the top of the page.
This is a work in progress, more fixes and more effects/changes in general will come later on :)

[Edited on 12/08/18 @ 01:15 PM]

TicoFowler Been a while, but i was wondering how to add those files into my game
File Author
The file has now been updated with instructions if needed in future :)

[Edited on 01/18/19 @ 06:22 PM]

alexey is a very good mod and well achieved but has a small problem, in the expansion at the time of building the space ships the game is locked I guess it is due to the releveling of units outside of that everything is fine
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