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Downloads Home » EE - Single Player Scenarios » Iraqi-Iranian War (1980-1988) Battle of Al-Faw

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Iraqi-Iranian War (1980-1988) Battle of Al-Faw

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Style: Mix
Needs AoC?: No
Iraqi-Iranian war ... or Gulf war 1 ... was one of the most bloody wars in 20th century ... you will play as Iraq led by Saddam Hussain .... and in this scenario there's 4 missions :

1: Make army and free land of Al-Faw which occupied by Iranian forces .. clear Faw from Iranians

2: is't Special Forces Mission .. you will hit some Targets inside Iran and free town of Nurabad and take it as a base in Iran .. and arabs of Iran will help

3: Iran will Equip a huge Army and Moving to attack your homeland (Iraq) ... Defend it and stop the march of the invaders

4:the final mission ... Invade Iran and in the end Kill the leader of Iranian Army in the area (General Karem Hussaini) before he escape from you

By >>> SMM93 Made in Egypt 2012
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Map Design4.5
SMM93 has made yeat annother great scenario, this time about the tragic war between Iraq and Iran that took place throughout most of the 80s and milions of lives were lost while the rest of the world looked the other way or sold to one or the other part..

Playability: 4.5

the standard of the scenario is pretty high,
and not to mention fun and enjoyable to play.
It really felt like you were commanding Iraq in this somewhat forgotten/less known conflict.

Altough here was some problems:
like to early change of ownership of towns,
(Faw in perticulary) i suggest you use a trigger that say when all enemy units are dead in that area, then the player will recive ownership of that town.
I perticuarly enjoyed the special op mission,
it was a bit challenging part of the scn.
However i felt the destruction of the first Iranian base would've been a good end to the scenario,
and felt a quite tired after it was revealed that the player had to conquer 3 additional enemy bases(towns) in Iran to go forth and win.

Balance: 4.6
the balance of this scenario is not impossible and not to easy, altough at some points it leaned more towards being easy, mostly at the begining. This changed a bit later on when the enemy became more mobile/offensive.
the garison forays against the player when you attempt to attack enemy bases/towns was great and very realistic. the constant food drainage was great and helped increase the scn's difficulty in a good way.
the iranians had lower stats, most likely to give a more historical accurate depiction of the war,were Iran's soldiers were less equiped.
Altough this did make it easier game wise.
And the fact that the player had like 8000 in all resources at the start made it to easy in my opinion, maybe keep the starter food but decrease the gold allot, so the player can't make to much units until later.

Creativity: 4.8

I have to say the flag & beret mods looked great, altough the iranian mod i felt didn't look as if it had changed at all.
the military recruit system at that camp,
were the player recruits new military units was impressive and wellmade.
the food drainage, which required the player to gather food while fighting, the "special op" and the side missions, the cargotruck supply-lines to towns(!) which gave resources, all of these were very good and well-executed ideas.

Map Design: 4.5

A highly well-made recreation of the "twin-river land" aka Iraq and the neighboring Iran. Baghdad looked pretty good,
but maybe you could add a few more industrial houses so it look more "modern", atm it looked a bit out of age for 1980s iraq.

the map was well made and the bridge were well made, considering EE doesn't have anything that look like a descent looking bridge!
It's a shame a newer game like EE don't have bridges like in AoE II.. gues they were afraid of some copyright or lazy :(

Something to work on would be adding more elevations and not as few hills and clifs.
for example combine it with cliff terrain, that way the player don't travel just on a somewhat flat terrain most of the time.
(Im aware Iraq/mesopotamia is very falt irl,
i ment this last mostly for the zaragos mountains and Iran).

Story/Instructions: 4.7
the Intro cinematric was awesome,
and i have to say i lol'ed when i saw Saddam Hussein coz it really looked like a mini-replica of him! Not to mention the sceen where the iranians in the desert charged against Iraq's border was great aswell.
the background history was filled and good,
as was the hint page, altough the instruction page might need a minor tweak because if i didn't know anything about this conflict before or can't read arabic, then the player will have some difficulty knowing/finding were "Faw" land was located. :/
Allsow, you might want to consider to add an in-game a flare to show were the player's military/recruit camp is located, it took like 1-2 min to find it :d
Maybe change it's colour to like light-Blue to make it more easier to spot or make two flares with a few seconds apart and a message saying like "here's our military camp blabla", instead of the current flare that just shows you were you're suppoused to go later when you've made an army.

Additional Comments:

A great scenario about the tragic war between Iran-Iraq during the 1980's.

Totally worth the download!

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Map Design4.5
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Size:4.22 MB