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The Family IV - The Usual Suspects

Author File Description
aLteC teK
File Details
Style: Mix
Needs AoC?: No
Please note that three scenarios precede The Family IV; please play in this order

The Family I
The Family II - Killing Is My Business
The Family III - Into The Lungs of Hell
The Family IV - The Usual Suspects

This scenario takes place in London, England. Demetrios is aided by his usual cast and crew in a new era for the Greek state. But, Demetrios is having trouble learning how to govern, so he has come to London to learn...

This installment included previous favorites:


Please enjoy this!
Special thanks to Shield for play testing!
an Empire Creations productions
- altec tek
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Aquril /downloaded
Map Design4.9
Playability: 4.7

the only negative which effected the game play was:
1) the recruitment force you purchase
is to large, it feels like you're runing around with half of London :/ ( -0,1 )

2) I never found the guy to give me a password,
so i explored the map and found a path to the last town and killed all enemies there.
As i was about to give up,
I found a => fence near the Priminister which i destroyed with several henchmen and then killed the Primeminister and upon returning
to the hideout, i won the scenario. ( -0.2 )

I belive this is an unwanted shortcut,
you might want too check it and update both the fence & instructions according to difficult setting(?)

Balance: 4.8

-0.2 fore the large recruit force size,
which made it quite easy to rush the enemy.

tough the enemy and the scenario was balanced,
and the enemy cars made it realistic
and helped to protect the enemy.


- change the family recruit to like 2, max 3.
- increase the recruit cost
- reduce income.

Creativity: 5

where do i begin ?
*extremly realistic Airport full of
airplains arriving / leaving,
the cinematic there was great!
* "the business" stuff
* the target quests/ hit list
* recruiting from the homeland (!)
* people walking, cars driving,
comercial airplains flying ,
police patrolling,
all of it was awesome!

however i feel you could've added
more quests: stuff like a kidnap,
someone robbing/mugging the player,
henchmen betraying you,
maybe a ransom exchange?

( i realize this probably is because
of the shortcut =( )

Map Design: 4.9

wonderfull eye candy ! =)

London + the suburb was very well made,
the marvelous airport was very innovative,
the Castle looked very good and the player's hideout looked a bit like Batman's lair ;D

however the last town's houses wasn't that
well layed out and the victory cinematic's trees isn't realistic / doesn't suit.

allsow it looks pretty unbeliveable with an army of hench men walking around London..

not effected by score,
but i think one area could've been filled out,
and prolonged the scenario with a quest or two.
i think you know what area i mean :)

Story/Instructions: 4.8

In London, two dialogues fired a bite late,
and several where a bit cheesy there,
tough this changed as the scenario progressed.

as usual, the cinematics where very nice,
except the above mentioned.

The history section was really good,
telling about what happend between the scenario.

the instructions where easy to understand,
however you get a slight minus here because
i had no idea what you ment with the password quest/objective instruction & it's hint.

I found myself runing around with the heros and henchmen for 2 hours,
before i accidently found the shortcut
and as mentioned killed the Primeminister
and upon returning to the safehouse, won.

Additional Comments:

Im willing to upgrade the score to 4.9/5.0,
depending if it's updated & the shortcut fixed.

This is in my opinion the best scenario in the Family "tetralogy" and probably
- the best scenario i've played in EEH.
TheUltimateXX tek, in the first one I had a problem where when I kill kill captian taliko, it defeats me. Demi, is removed and then it says I lost.
aLteC teK
File Author
Thanks Ultimate. I removed the defeat trigger for vasiliko, so this problem will no longer occur in The Family I
TheUltimateXX Still defeats me after vasiliko says, time to get back home now or something similar, i think its Demi.

[Edited on 11/23/11 @ 03:14 PM]

Aquril awesome scenario aLteC teK =)

I reviewed it yesterday,
dunno if it was rejected,
gave it 4.8 - 4.9 in total score.

Most likely the best scenario i've played on EEH.

altough i found two shortcuts:

When u look for the password guy,
i accidntly found the way to the last town
and killed all enemies there and then i found a destoyable fence near the primeminister,
killed it & him and upon returing to hideout,
i won the scenario.
aLteC teK
File Author
Thanks! Not the most orthodox way to do it, but whatever works! Glad you liked it a lot.
shieldwolf23 -

[Edited on 11/24/11 @ 03:24 AM]

shieldwolf23 Demetrios, a downloader here in EEH, wanted me to relay this message for you, tek. Here is it

*start of message*

Dude! If the underworld of London was in Mafian Greek hands, holy S&^#$ I don’t even want to think of it. It would have been nice if our country alone was in non-traitorous Greek hands. But Greece is good for producing only three things: heroes, traitors and olive oil (Heroes, prodotes kai elaiolado). Anyway, suffice to say that the English did 'business’ with the Greeks even BEFORE they even recognized Greece as a nation (loooooooong painful story, still endures however as Greece is a state initially established as a dependency in all but name, same shit 200 years on, gives you a hint why 50% of our people – minimum percentage that increases by the week – lives abroad). Altec described the Kottaridis state as something between corporate bordello and fascist state? Is he making a statement about the governance of Greece in the last 30 years (it’s tempting to say the last 170) of corrupt servile puppets and particularly in the last 2 years of corporate employed Mafiosi?

malista, to adelphi mou? the syntax is a little hazy? Or thus placed for stylistic effect? Suggestion: give a section in the tips with translation of Greek phrases in the dialogues. skata = shit, malista = yes sir (closest meaning in context) 'adelphi' < adelphos = brother (see Phil-adelphia)

The entire map is wonderfully made with a lot yet not overwhelming detail complete with strategically useful elevations near ‘businesses to capture from the Irish’ (isn’t it nice that the Irish and the Greeks have had some short of parallel stories as nations? Particularly in the ‘abandoning’ of their countries in pursue of living with some dignity elsewhere?). The Greek landscape is very nicely made too, but, palm trees? The one and only natural palm forest in the country is tiny and is in Crete. here is a picture of it:

*end of message*

Haven't played the scen again tek, maybe over the weekend. Extremely busy reviewing financial figures for a major investment. Real life knocks once in a while. But based on the comments the downloaders have, you have an awesome scenario again!

[Edited on 11/24/11 @ 03:26 AM]

aLteC teK
File Author
thanks shieldy. he's more then welcome to message me personally.
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Map Design4.9
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