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Hierarchy III: Chengdu Province

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Style: Mix
Needs AoC?: No
Hierarchy III: Chengdu Province
by Shieldwolf, Member, Empire Creations

SolConfederation's tacticians have dubbed the Battle of Chengdu Province as the penultimate battle in what they derisively called the "Puny Defense" by the Hierarchy. Their objective was to break the Hierarchy's will to fight by destroying the Temple of the Lord Good and bring the Civil War to a fast and decisive conclusion.

However, what the SolCon forces never knew was how far the Hierarchy's secret project - Project Furies - has been developed. While the township of Zao Di fell to the SolCon onslaught, the Primary of Chengdu fought back with great ferocity using the Hierarchy's feared boy-soldiers --- the CUBS, controlling suicidal mechs called Furies.

Both sides expected that the outcome of this battle would turn the tide of the war.
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aLteC teK i'm excited about this. will play asap.
scutari legion Played, and will write a review.
scutari legion
Map Design4.7
Hierarchy III: Chengdu Province is an action-packed scenario, where the player can choose to play either as the attacking SolCon or the defending Hierarchy. I had chosen the latter in the first play through, so my pints are mostly from playing with them.

Playability: 4.5
The scenario is bug-free and smooth running. The battles are very intense with the Hierarchy, and lot of tactical thinking is required to keep the SolCon forces away.

Balance: 4.6
Very well balanced. It's not easy, but neither is it impossible. The tight stream of SolCon attacks may seem daunting, but once you get the air forces and furies into the fray, you can have more time planning the counter attack.

Creativity: 4.9
The scifi setting gives the scenario high points in here. The scenario layout isn't too inventive though.

Map Design: 4.7
Map layout is well done. The buildings and cliffs offered great choke points where to set defensive lines.

Story/Instructions: 4.8
The instructions were very clear and nothing went amiss. The hints section wasn't very big, but the separate strategy guide file makes up for it.

Additional Comments: Bringing the scenario series to the actual scifi setting makes a nice twist. Looking forward to the hinted 4th scenario. ;)
File Author
thanks tek, scutari.
File Author
A quick but nicely put review you have given, scutari. i thank you (bow!) hehe.. yup, there would be a 4th scenario, and a fifth one.
Aquril This map had to say the least,
very confusing instructions.

You started out to choice between two diffrent players. ( very nice idea, good ! )

Apparently i choiced the "attacking" side.
It was very hard, unbalanced and i left dissapointed after ca 45mins..

One Frigate Juggernaught virtualy rained death and was unrealistic hard to kill
( think it had 36.000 hp or somethin' )

When three Frigates appeared and killed all my citizens and the constant spawning of enemies on the west side of the river, despite i had destroyed everything there.. i quit

You should renamed the Black robes,Frigates to something else..it just look silly with their original names.

Based on this i'd give it 2.5 points
and im quite dissapointed..
Mr UNleash hehe, I learned from experience that ALL of shieldy's scenarios are extremely hard :)
But thats what makes them fun. I strongly suggest you give it another try.

Any how I managed to play the first two hierarchy scns and will review this when I'm done (taking a break on Bellum Civile).

[Edited on 10/05/11 @ 12:30 AM]

Mr UNleash I played from the Hierarchy side, defending Chengu Province, so my review is based on that point of view. This scenario is rather short, so my review may be a bit brief this time.

Playability: 4.8
The scenario ran perfectly without a single glitch or bug. Every attack was perfectly timed to give the player a chance to recover before being attacked again.

Balance: 4.5
The scenario was very well balanced. The size of my army almost always matched the enemies, except over time I started to fall back. While I wouldn't say that the scenario was hard, it was rather tedious. The carrier was way too pwerful and well-defended. I attacked it the first time to no prevail. Then I decided to create a massive fleet of about 25 ships (mostly frigates). When I attacked the carrier, my fleet was thinned by the narrow river and was obliterated. I had only dealt about 10,000 of 30,000 damage :/

Creativity: 5
THe fictional storyline and futuristic setting gave you a five for creativity. Though there were no special features in the scenario, there didn't need to be, as the gameplay was already excellent.One thing I would recommend though is changing some of the units names. I did not deduct because that was a very minor issue, but can make the overall scenario a bit more interesting.

Map Design: 3.7
(Being crazy about map design, I can tell the difference between a map made entirley from scratch and a random map script that was edited ;) I believe that a map designed from scratch tends to look better. The map needed more terrain mixing and eve candy. On the other hand, the map was great for gameplay and the snow gave more realism (although it only snowed in certain areas).

Story/Instructions: 4.6
The in-game instructions and hints were a bit briefer than I had expected, but the added essay worth of helpful hints more than made up for it. Losts of effort and testing had to be done to have such detailed hints. The pop up objectives as the campaign progressed clearly outlined the next step of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
Overall a great scenario worth downloading (although you should play the first two before this if you haven't already). Can't wait till the next one comes out.

Oh and this is just my opinion, but I think you shouldn't be able to play as the Solcon. You spend the first two scenarios training to defeat them, so it wouldn't make sense to play as them.
File Author
hahhaha... I guess that would be my first 2.5 then, aquril. hahaha.. Confusing instructions eh? I don't know what made it confusing. Still, there is a strategy guide inside. I think you should read it, and if you follow it, I think you won't have too much of a hard time.

You haven't played either H1 and H2, right? For if you have, then the names, especially those of the Black Robes would be fine, since Hierarchy is a religious faction, and "robes" are supposed to mean religion. Sorry if you find this a tad difficult, but I design my scenarios especially for those players who have at least a year or 2 experience playing EE (or those that have finished all the original EE campaigns). I like them to be hard. Again, I was hoping the strategy guide inside would balance things out, because those are the same techniques I use to beat my own scen. Hope you'd try it again, this time, paying attention to what is really going on vis-a-vis the instructions. All the best in your gaming, aquril. :)


Thanks, Mr. Unleash. :)

[Edited on 10/05/11 @ 12:56 AM]

scutari legion heh, Shieldy's scenarios are usually some of the hardest out there...

I've beaten the Hierarchy series, the mandate, valor exemplified, devil dogs, Talavera and sword and schimitar.

Yet there's still more to go. I'll finish bellum civile and promise fullfilled next.
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