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Ice Ages 3000 - unfinished

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Style: Role Playing Only
Needs AoC?: No
W, since i wont mess with EE for some time, i dont know if i will finish this, here stays the very litte i had of this if someone wants to finish it be my guest...

its very early really, however you can alredy see some nice triggers and ideas, theres this credit giving system, depending on the credibility you give to what people says different stuff evetually happens.... you just unlock features and theres a bunch of ways to win, each being a different story of what rly happened in the past, theres an orc story, a zombie story, an alien invasion, a meteorite that striked earth and....i think there was another one i dont remember :P


A huge catastrophe happened, most say it was a meteorite that striked earth in africa, it had 7km diameter, was bigger than that wich striked the dinosaurs, an area equivalent to the whole iberian peninsula was turned into a crater, enormous earthquakes turned cities into ruble, volcanos erupted all around the globe, in europe one could read at night during months after the impact because of the explosion light, but dust filled the air and blocked sunlight for months...years....some species resisted the cold that came after that, but most will perish again when the planet turns hot has venus because of greenhouse effect, in 1397 humanity still exists, in a near permanent night environment reduced numbers of humans strive to survive, reduced to a primitive state of little technology, we are in a new ice age, a curious misture of all ages characteristics is present in the scattered human (?) tribes of europe, new species have evolved, the tribes are isolated, the humans are nearly extinct, food is short, cold is many, the past has been forgotten, noone knows what really happened, can you survive the new ice age and find the truth about the incident that nearlly destroyed your homeworld??

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shieldwolf23 hi jc! as usual, your maps are really amazing. poor chinese guys though. hehehe..

after the conversations, what's next? and is there a visible function of the "credit" system?
File Author
well, i stopped working on it very early so after conversations theres nothins..... well, depends, one of the guys talks about orcs, you can check the woods after that (or before for that matter) and you find something, im not sure if thats alredy there or still in my mind but i think the orc dude says different stuff depending if you go to the woods first or after talking to him

the credit system, thus far has nothing, but at certain points in the scenario if you didnt give enough credit to some characters they wont tell you stuff, and because of that you can´t acess some of the alternate endings

when im done all the stuff the guys say actually happened but you only win once so there is only one reason for the cataklysm that depends on how did you play the scn :P

if you solve right away the orc story and dont give a shit about the other dudes you see that orcs came from the dark portal and destroyed most of the planet, however if you give credit to the zombie dude you have hints of both possibilities, in the end dependig on what you do only one acyually happens.... hope this is clear :P

i was hopping to use my zombie mods here, some orcs mods, the primative from the cyborg mods... and a few more stuff, i was also planning that you would progress along the scn, at some point (depending if you gave credit to one of the dudes and as such obtained info about a ruined city) you would have robots fighting beside your main guy, and mayeb even equip one... i think theres alredy a primtive very early eventory system (you have axe and orcish axe to switch beetween, this for example only happens if you do what the orc dude suggests you do)

well, im extremly busy but ill eventually finish this, but if someone wants to modifiy it be my guest, its rly early...
shieldwolf23 a very nice scenario in the making then (but extremely time-consuming, that I'm quite sure). hope you can find some time, jc.

btw, i'm trying to learn hexing EE. slow progress so far, but I'd like to say thanks for the tutorial! :)

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