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WW2 The untold stories

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Style: Mix
Needs AoC?: No
Before any of you say "I've played your previous scenarios and i'm not falling for this one!" SHUTUP! It wont hurt you to download this file and give it a play, but i doubt any of you will stop playing half way through as it will suck you suckers IN! Jibby can clarify on the scenarios' quality as he assisted me a bit in it!

For you conservative members i will describe the scen just for you, it's 1939 (no duh) and Germany has declared war on the world! not really, but this scen is basically a strategical map of modern Europe and you control Denmark, hold out as long as you can as Germany takes out Enemy after Enemy and grows in power.

After a set amount of time, you will achieve victory, however many defeat conditions are present, so be sure to read the instructions CAREFULLY before you start playing.
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Snoopah REVIEW:


When I first got this I wasn't sure what to think. On one hand, the description made it look like crap, but the idea was superb (how many other WW2 maps do you survive as a minor nation?). So, here we go.


As the scenario starts, Poland is being attacked. They usually last a while but eventually get smashed by the combined power of Russia and Germany. Meanwhile, a Trench-Warfare style Western Front War commences, with British troops heroically charging the massive German army and towns while the French cower behind their walls with artillery.

My first play, I tried holding off "Rooskies" attacking my towns from the woods, but soon Poland died, the Germans made a HUGE army and smashed mine into the wall with their huge numbers of superior panzers, they flatten Copenhagen, BANG I lose.

Second time I focus on holding the capital. The Poles last slightly longer, and the Germans don't attack as much. The Rooskies destroy a bunch of buildings up north, and soon Poland is dead. The Germans rush me again, but this time I force em to a standstill (after they raze most of my city). But then, I am told all the Jews died and the world cannot continue, I LOSE AGAIN.

Anyway, I like the idea, but there are serious problems in it. For one thing, there are Walruses and Hippopotamuses (Called Male and Female JEWS!, respectively) who are SUPER SLOW and any friendly units nearby are slowed down if ordered at the same time as them. If they die, you lose. It is REALLY annoying to have to micromanage your army like that. Plus, I don't see what fat, slow Jews have to improve to the gameplay. The "no battleships/planes" rule is dumb too, because it means that the Germans soon were destroying the Buckingham Palace with Panzers. I rate Playability about 3. Next.


I would say the idea is good and all, but stupid things added in (like the description) totally ruin others. 2.

Map Design:

So-So. On one hand, the towns are somewhat pretty and the map slightly looks like Europe. On the other, aside from Denmark,Norway, and Sweden, the map is completely out of proportion. Most of Europe is a straight line with a big island (Britain) in the corner. It slants DOWN (instead of up) once it reaches Russia, and Germany looks nothing like Germany, whilst France looks like a very badly made Spain. Italy looks fairly good, but the map is still bad. 2.


You are given 2 paragraphs per section. The history and such is not historical at all (fair enough if this is replaced with a good storyline) and is replaced by some weird universe that makes me think of Xbox Live. The instructions are bad, and there are MANY, MANY spelling mistakes (Wehrmacht is misspelled, Yugoslavia is Yoogoslavia, etc). To be frank, this department is awful. 1.

Closing Comments:

While this map isn't particularily good, it does have redeeming factors. It is fun-ish once you get the hang of it, and it has some interesting ideas. Were the map totally redone, the instructions made serious, and other countries (Low countries, Romania, etc) added, as well as maybe a couple new trigger revamps, this could be a superb map.

Jibby When i play this, i delete most of the jews, except for the ones at lower Sweden, i send them to coopenhagen (the little island between Denmark and Sweden) So my army doesn't get slowed down by them. I think this scenario makes a great movie, not really good for playability.

When i played the scenario, all the Eastern countries got smashed and you had to hold off a huge SS attack whilst the Americans gave you an artillery barrage, your also required to save Paris from falling by sending reinforcements to hold off the Italian and German Infantry regiments there.

I believe some of the spelling mistakes and the ridiculous storyline are intentional. Probably to make this a little less politically and morally involved as the real WW2, i probably wouldn't give the map design a 2 though, the fact that Europe doesn't look like Europe isn't a reason to mark it so low, i would have given it a 3.5 probably.

I also don't believe the Creativity is a 2, i mean its true that many dumb things were added into this, but it doesn't change the fact that this scen is much different to many WW2 scenarios out there. I mean the historical events affecting diplomacy and combat are a given, but having to back up your allied cities to save yourself is pretty creative. The no planes and ships business is annoying, but i don't think that you would have been able to watch the events unfold in Europe if you had to worry about airstrikes and naval combat, i mean active AI's are hard enough to manage on land let alone the skies and sea.

As for the Instructions... what the hell! A 1! Thats the mark you give to someone that either has no instructions or one line of it. The history is reminicent of some childlike view on WW2, but the hints are helpful and Instructions clearly point out your objectives. Spelling errors and made up history don't qualify to give a 1, but stop it from getting any higher than a 4

I would probably give this scenario an overall of 3, its fun and new-ish but the crummy history and absurd conditions of the war (no planes/ships and protecting jews) lowers it from a possible 3.8! I think many people are prejudiced against flipsy as he's been an asshole in the past, but i don't really hold a grudge against him
Snoopah No, I haven't even SEEN Flip's other maps.

Played again and won.

This time, I deleted all my Jews in Scandanavia moved the remainder to safe places, and Poland lost. The USSR lost too, but only the Rooskies died (Russia, which controlled the south, continued to fight on) Then suddenly I was warned that I MUST PROTECT PARIS OR ELSE WE ALL DIE. Instead, I camped all my units behind the barrage, and after a couple minutes Australia joins the war and I win.

To justify my scores:


Was a 1 for a good reason. You are told about 1-20th of what to do, and the hints aren't very helpful either. Not once in the instructions are you told that you lose if the Germans get lucky and blow up Paris (which happened a couple times), nor that you lose if all the Jews die. The hints are unhelpful. They basically IMPLY that you lose if ALL of Europe is conquered (which would mean that you could protect the Rooskies instead of the more-important French).


The rating is well deserved. The map is not very pretty and even the hugest cities are rather small. There is little eye candy and the forests are ugly. This might all be redeemed if Europe looked like Europe, but instead Europe looks like some rectangular-blob with some parts jutting out. Were there some cool eye candy or the map looked pretty in general, it might earn a 3.


The stupid things really do counterbalance creative ideas, and the dumb instructions only amplify it. As with the previous, if there were more nations (Like the Low Counties or Partisans) or more interesting things used with existed nations (EG countries join the German Alliance when conquered, instead of becoming cannon fodder for enemy attackers, etc). But really, adding dumb things counter balanced the smart ideas.
Bull3pr00f it seems better then your other Flipsy....worth a try =D
Atlas777 Hey lads relax, what happen here? eh? Flipsy_Twin, do you have problems with Jibby or with another member of the team/forums? please leave this kind of comment, we are trying to live good and the same time fight vs the crisis T_T.

And Flipsy_Twin, I suggest a little work in your scenarios, this isn´t a challenger, a tournament or something like, work slowly and relax, pay attention in the comments of everywhere, check your mistakes and... of course upgrade. Your maps are Ok, but you need a little more. Claro como el agua? espero que si. :)
Jibby Yeah flipsy, you need to be smooth and relaxed when creating scenarios, try including sexual implications and connotations into the storyline and that'll be sure to calm the salm of your nerve
Lucifer I actualy liked this scenario (wich is a huge improvement to the last projects of Twin).

A few pointers (to be read as good critisisme).

- Change the messages ; Russia got PWnd or Germany loses the war because they are afraid of the AUSSIES aren't really historical ...

- Why does Denmark need to help France if France doesn't help Denmark ?

- Why do you "hate" Jibby ? :p

[Edited on 10/25/08 @ 07:57 AM]

File Author
I don't hate him, I just know him in real life and thought it would be fun to make fun of him before he found out who i was
Bull3pr00f hmmm...i doubt that, but it could be true, and for the guy above...it hink its the other way aound, but flipsy made it like that...no....they BOTH made it like that.
anyway, i haven't still downloaded it (forgot it 6_6')
so....erm, i think i will give it a go
Bull3pr00f *looks at own comment*

wtf....i've never made so much typos.... 0.o

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