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The Battle of Berlin

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Other
Needs AoC?: No
This is a capture the flag -style (CTF)game.

Special Features:
Reinforcement system.(I used iNtRePiD's triggers, thanks for giving us this awesome system)
Light Infantry: Good assault troops
Heavy Infantry: Great defenders (MG,AT)
Snipers: Scouts, +canine scouts
Tanks: Heavy and light(Anti Infantry) tanks limited to 15.
AT-Infantry: Bazooka troopers, to counter tanks
Engineers: build barbed wire
5+1=6 Positions to hold: Position 6 is the Reichstag.(red flag on it, if captured)

Katyusha rocket launchers: modded Bombard cannon.
-Soviet anthem (from http://www.tinius.org/mp3/musik/Hymne_der_Sowjetunion.mp3)

NOTE: Stupid as I am, I didn't ask iNtRePiD for permission to use his system... And I didn't succeed in contacting him.
So if you see this file iNtRePiD, and you don't want your system to be used in any other scenario than yours, post here and I'll request a deletion of this file.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
A Banned User
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Really, really good! Briliiant work with this scenario soty. The scenario was a highly enjoyable scenario, where you'd control your fixed force around a superb Berlin, trying to capture areas. The capturing areas scenario always provides enjoyment. However, there were a couple of issues to pick up on. The first one being this type of scenario, after a while of playing it does seem to drag on because you'd be doing the same thing over and over again, as you'd move one force from one position and back again, when the enemy recaptured it. Another thing is starting positions, your meant to be capturing the city.. So how come you start in the centre of it, and the main German position was towards the outside? Another thing is surely if the enmy occupied Berlin, how come they had to capture the positions to, surely they'd already own them?

Balance: 4.5
The balance was very good, I played on medium, and it was one of those scenarios where you'd have to reload a couple of times, change your strategy and you'd win! I see this as the best balance. However, again a few issues. The main Russian General you had (forgotten name) really annoyed me how you had to keep him alive, i'd have prefered it if he wasn't a part of the scenario, because one shot from a bazooka or tank, and he was dead. So way too often i'd end up restarting because he'd dies, until I just stuffed him out of the way. The katyusha was very nice, however, I found it useless. When I left it to it's own thing, the amount of time it took for the missiles to hit, the enemy were gon and they ended up killing my own men. So in the end I just got it to attack the ground of where the enemy spawn, also i'd have liked to see you give the soveits a few more unit types. Such as their was only one type of at gun.

Creativity: 4.6
Brilliant, the mods looked really nice, especially the tank. Im not sure about the one at the end that just looked really weird. But a good idea, if only it worked. The system is very nice and the way you've changed the units attack, speed e.c.t. My only worry is that you took intrepids idea and just you that one exactly the same. it would have been nice if you'd just changed it a bit. Such as letting the player decide where the units could spawn from.

Map Design: 5
Brilliant! The city was briliant, it felt like you were fighting in a actually battle worn city, you managed to create some sort of special atmosphere. You'd soon find the city piling with dead bodies and destroyed vehicles. The graphic effects you did were brillaint, and I often spent a lot of the time just looking around at the city! Definelty the best part. Even if you just download it to look at this.

Story/Instructions: 4.8
Objectives, Hints, Los of history, only a couple of spellings, what more could you want? There was no cinematic, but it wasn't one of those scenarios that needed one. Infact it's probablt better without one. Sure at times it's difficult to find the information you need, and a couple of your sentences don't make sence, but as theres so much of it, it'll be harsh to deduct that many points here.

[Edited on 12/01/07 @ 04:24 PM]

A Banned User Well i've tried posting another one. Hopefully this'll work.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Playability was one of the best in EE history :D.

Balance: 3
Hmm... I thought about this balance rating for a long time. But the fact that Battle of Berlin was just too easy for me cannot be ingnored. Maybe there is someone who can find challenge from this scenario. The Russian forces are overpowered, but so they were in the real history. Thats why I gave 3.

Creativity: 4.5
Creativity would been 5 but the fact that the WW2 is so used topic in scenarios and campaigns lowered the score 0.5.

Map Design: 5
Beutiful, exceptional, best, I was stunned by the look of berlin. It was something that I think none can beat. And that you had sized all the buildings to right scale made The Map Design to be 5. (I would give you more if i could =))

Story/Instructions: 4.9
Its five, no question about it. Everything was clear to me from A start all the way till end.

Additional Comments:

To author, Keep making these kind of Scenarios/Campaigns. Reinforcement system is just so great. When the units come in reinforcement waves Micromanagement steps up and you have to take care of every bit of your forces.

To players, Download this scenario You wont regret it.
talknight2 I played this yesterday, but I'm not sure why I didn't win...

I had all control points (I think), and I was fighting for them with the German panzers for quite a while but I never won...
File Author
I'll fix that problem! Sometimes you dont see all of the checkpoints on the minimap
SatanChild666 NIce mods :D, I will make up a review ^^

[Edited on 01/26/08 @ 07:45 AM]

talknight2 Thanks Soty.

I didn't see any mods in the .Zip though... hmm

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]3
Size:5.92 MB