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-Viking Conquests- v1.0

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Style: Mix
Needs AoC?: No
The gods have had an idea, which should spice up their boring "lives". Two viking tribes have to fight for the god's favour. But not as gladiator fights or so... No. The gods want the viking tribes to live their lives as usual. BUT they have to win the god's favour and the tribe which does not get it, will be wiped out by thunder and lightning.
That's where YOUR job starts. Lead your Viking tribe to success by earning 200 favour points and prevent it from being wiped out.

- A man and a woman have a baby if you tell them to
- Children grow up, and become either man or woman
- gender differences: only men can do violent jobs
- Trading(furs can be traded too)
- Hunting animals for furs
- Producing your own weapons
- Recruiting soldiers need weapons and men
- Plundering coastal towns and villages
- If you don't pay your merchant he'll run away and steal some goods
- Random events every 5 minutes
- Food consumption for your tribe
- Displaying favour points(FPs) in shrines
- Every house gives you +5 POP limit. (max. 30)
- Longboat maintenance every 5 minutes
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Map Design3.8
This is definitely TSP's best project uptill now.However the score was detracted mainly due to a minor bug and map design
Playability: 4.9
The playability was perfect.Almost no bugs,good scenario background,impressive storyline,hints and history and great overall theme and a very creative build and destroy type scenario
Balance: 5
Perfect, if you didn't do what you're supposed to do , you end up losing(although not technically).Knowing that programming Ai in EE can be troublesome I won't detract points for balance.Whatever you achieved can be also taken as an amazing achievement.Seriously even I couldn't replicate such kind of ai.Good job!Also good job with the random events which sometimes increase the difficulty.

Creativity: 5
Random events, recruitment of soldiers,begetting children,trading system,active weather system,day and night effect etc etc.The list is endless when the creativity is accounted for.So as far as I know you should definitely get 100% points for creativity which you did.The starting and ending cinematics were also impressive

Map Design: 3.8
The map was ok , although not good enough for professional eyes like mine who need to see better terrain mixing and eye candy.However this doesn't mean the map was anything less.Its much better than most scenarios posted here.But it could have been improved more.

Story/Instructions: 5
There was basically no interesting storyline, but the history section makes up for that.The instructions were crystal clear and hints helpful

Overall:4.7!Bravo!Sorty you are one of the best scenario designers of EE and you are surely the best scenario designer of TSP.Keep up the good work
Additional Comments:
Good job!Now TSP's reputation brightened!
Good I've been waiting for this. Downloading now.
ShadowBuilder Why do my citizens not work, like when i make farms i will make them start working and then they will randomly stop. Also, where do i find the weapons guy at?

[Edited on 08/20/06 @ 05:55 PM]

Bruno DS Actually, he's right. The same happens to me. It's because when the citizen loose hit points, they'll stop working. Being unable to get more food because the citizen automatically stop makes it a very annoying but that affects playability A LOT.

Perhaps you can fix it.n___n

Good luck!
Bruno DS Anyways, because I've not finished this scenario yet, it has the honour of passing to the second round of the Best Scenario of the month!

Actually, you shouldn't be neither pleased nor surprised Soty. This campaign has high hopes and might end up at the throne of the best scenario of the month!

(In fact, there's hardly any oposition. Risk with air units has been disquilifed due to bugs, and Attack on Quantama Bay has also been disquilifed, because Roman RPG, TRoYC, and TLoAFv are actually campaigns and not scenarios, this scenario has the throne secured up to now. But we should wait until the next downloads!)
File Author
hmm... ive not seen this bug before. ok im going to fix it. thanks.
File Author
ok, ive tried and you are right. citizens stop working, when they lose HP. but thats no trigger problem.
but to be honest, ive no idea how to correct that. any suggestions?
Bruno DS Well, perhaps inmediately killing the citizen instead of gradually take their Hit Points?O_o
Bruno DS Ok, there's another bug.

Keep in mind I'm playing the campaign in EE:AOC.
Well, my food gets lower by 3 every second. That's a terrible bug you know.>_>
File Author
no, i think immediate killing would be to harsh

and thats no bug, this is a feautre of the game. since you dont need food to create soldiers or any other units I made yuor tribe consuming food. there are detailled informations in the instructions
every5 units consume 1 food /second(or every3 sec.)

and you should play it on normal ee, since some triggers might work wrong in AoC

[Edited on 08/29/06 @ 03:30 AM]

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Map Design3.6
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