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EEC Beta Section
Empire Earth Center has part of their beta section up for all to see. They've got interface, units, and in-game pages up so far, with more on the way.

On the same token, Joffe from EENC is also promising us a beta section over there. Can't wait to see it, Joffe!

EEX = EE Aeon
Empire Earth X has changed its look and name to Empire Earth Aeon. Stop by and check out the new design!

Theres Still A Chance...
Guy Welch, Sierras Web Producer left this littly goody over at the Sierra EE Forums this morning:
As of Wednesday AM at 10:30 PT a full 3/4 of the EE beta emails have been sent out. The other 1/4 have been delayed due to slow email servers. We are resending these emails every 2 hours. This is probably too much information, but I know that many of you are sitting on the edge of your chair!

We're seeing many of you downloading the beta file from our FTP servers right now. We look forward to working with you over the next few weeks.

As for the in store beta program, that is scheduled to begin after Labor Day (September 3rd). We're excited have so many people interested in that program!

Even if you have not yet recieved a beta email, there is still hope! Good luck to those who haven't got it yet. ...went into EE yesterday afternoon to get info for the beta section and came out at midnight without anything written down...too addicting! ; )

Sierra Beta Emails
I've just recieved word from SierraPRGuy that Sierra's beta emails will be going out this morning (PST). If you weren't on the SSSI internal list, this morning will be your chance. Good luck all!

Beta Beta Beta!
As if we haven't heard that word enough times in this past week! This evening I have had the pleasure of playing some games of Empire Earth with devs and fans alike. I saw all of the weekend playtesters, some devs from SSSI, and some reps from Sierra. We had a couple of crashes, a couple of Out-Of-Syncs, but in the end we got in some really awesome games. GG All! If you need something to do while watching the download crawl by at an amazing 2k/second, head over to my Beta Article. There are some helpful hints for newcomers as well as documentation to the EE Beta. If you are looking for screenshots, look no further! There are 20 never before seen screenshots of EE, and EE's interface. ...special thanks to Obsidian for dealing with my horrible grammar and picking up my slack. ; )

Internal Betas are Out!!
It appears as though the people who are on the internal beta list have received their emails, and can begin downloading now! I'm sure the Sierra betas can't be far behind!

0% Download, go 56K!!!

Beta information should be distributed in a couple of hours!
Methos has just posted in this thread at MFO about when the beta will be released.... and it's going to be soon!!!!!!!!!

Note: This was posted around 8PM EST.

*Crosses fingers*

Page Updates & Logs
Well updated a series of pages with information that has come out the past few months. Pages include the features, air units, civs, buildings (towncenter information), and resources. I was very shocked to see that the features page listed EE having more than 5 resources.

Also Azn, has released some of the chat logs with Sierra's Adam Kahn, Elderchang, and Steve Ashley. Thanks to all of them for coming. Check the logs out here. If you haven't checked out our chat room yet you can see it here.

Calendar Winners at EE Sanctuary
Empire Earth Sanctuary has posted the winners to their calendar contest. They're Ryan Lord, Chris. U, Matthew Munsch, the Ferret, and Alex Rayment. Congrats to them.

DisturbedRoach, webmaster of Disturbing Empires made an Empire Earth skin. It features a prehistoric type look using parts of EE's in game interface. You can find it here on the Disturbing Empires download page.

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