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Updated/New Pages & Tech Tree
Well, I've updated the FAQ and Features pages which contained some really old information. Remember EE has 14 ages and only 5 resources
Also for the features page, I pretty much completely erased its 4-6 pages and just cut it down to some of Empire Earth's unique features you don't see in other RTS games.

Also, it seems Sierra pulled a fast one over me. They've released the complete readable tech tree. I found it in this thread. You can check it out by clicking on the "Legible Tech Tree" link in the menu or by clicking here. You might need to use a FTP program to get it.

New Demo Section
The demo has been out for a few days out so why not make a demo section for it? Right now it has download sites, readme, and few other things. If you've not tried the demo out than I'ld suggest you check it out here. If anyone thinks they can contribute to the demo section than feel free to email me.

Poll - Demo?
I've finally changed the poll from the September 11 Attack to Did you get the Demo yet? Here's the results for the last poll:

Haven't done anything 32.2% (152 Votes)
Praying 27.8% (131 Votes)
2 or more of the below options 17.8% (84 Votes)
Donated Money 15% (71 Votes)
Helped in other way 4.6% (22 Votes)
Gave Blood 2.3% (11 Votes)

Total Votes: 471

As said already, this week's poll is asking whether or not you've tried out the Empire Earth demo yet.

Possible November 13 Release
Everyone who has downloaded the demo it seems got an email from Sierra about pre-ordering the game. Most interesting part is that the message says the release date is November 13, 2001. Thats two days before what most people expected.

Demo News
Everyone has gotten Empire Earth Fever. Here are some helpful/cool places you can check out:

Mithras, from EE Oracle has posted some screenshots from the demo including a few at dark.

EE Gamer received an email a few days ago on how to have both the demo and beta on your computer. Here are the basic steps:

1) Copy the Empire Earth Beta folder located in C:\Sierra\
2) Paste it somewhere and rename the new folder
3) Uninstall the EE Beta
4) Install the EE Demo
5) Change the Renamed Empire Earth Beta folder back to normal

Of course all the fan sites will be posting tons of screenshots and information next few weeks before EE comes out.....Geez I forgot what the time difference between Eastern and Pacific is

Demo Out!
I just recieved this from the Empire Earth appears the EE Demo is out. But here of course is what SSSI had to say....:)

Empire Earth Demo Available!
Download EE Beta

Sierra(tm) and Stainless Steel Studios, Inc. today announced that a playable
demo of their upcoming real-time strategy game Empire Earth(tm) has been
released for download via the Internet. Empire Earth will ship to retail
stores worldwide in mid-November.

The demo can be downloaded at

The Empire Earth Demo includes four of Empire Earth's Training Scenarios,
which introduce a few of the many special features available in the full
game. Also included are two exciting scenarios from Empire Earth's four
epic Campaigns. In one scenario, you command British troops during the
Napoleonic Wars. In the other, you guide Manfred von Richthofen, the famous
"Red Baron," at the start of World War I.

More information about Empire Earth can be found at

From Prehistory to the Nano Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up
gaming on an epic scale. Empire Earth is an epic real-time strategy game
that covers 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to
the laser battles of the future. Each player takes control of a fledgling
civilization and strives to forge the greatest of all empires.

It's out! It's out!

More Screenshots Everywhere
All the beta testers from webmasters, reviewers, fans, and anyone else has all created at least a few EE Screenshots. Here are just some of the recent screenshots taken around the community, most with the help of Azn, Petard, and Enrique's (AznPREO) RMS scripts.

Hamster of Death, one of our active forumers, has created a few nice looking screenshots you can see here.

EE Oracle has updated their hero and wonder pages with art taken from the 4 beta ages.

Woad Creations, a scenario designer team hosted by HG/Punk, has used AznPREO's RMS scripts to take screenshots of a ton of beta units. Those without the beta or who haven't tried the beta should enjoy it here. Thanks to Romax for taking the time to take all those screenshots.

I'm sure a lot of people will be taking even more screenshots with the new demo coming soon.

Will your graphics card work with EE?
Adam Kahn aka Sierra's PR Man stopped by the forums to give some information on Empire Earth and graphics card. It seems that Voodoo2 cards do not work with EE because they lack support for 2D features. He also has a list of graphics cards that are known to work although it probably isn't the complete one. You can see the thread here.

New Beta Patch
The new EE Beta Patch 1.4 is out and working. Beta Testers like always can get it using your Sierra Updator Tool. Obviously those who aren't beta testers really don't have a use for this. The new patch fixes many things including major lag problems, crashes, computer AI, and lots of other good stuff. Most interesting game tweaks they've done are more starting stone, 2x building wonder time, and buildings 25% more HP for buildings in Tournament mode. Of course I have yet to test any of this. Be sure to get the patch now if you're a tester, it is less than 5 megs.

P.S. It is now October 18, only one more day until the demo *hopefully* comes out :)

Official Beta News
It seems that a few gaming sites and else where have reported that Empire Earth Beta Patch 1.4 is already out. It seems if you install this patch *right now* it'll crash your game so only download and install patches using Sierra's Update program.

A little old, but Age of Egos, one of SSS's multiplayers that we interviewed, created a newbie strategy guide in the Sierra Beta Forums a few weeks ago. Be sure to take a look here......thanks to Dastal for the patch news.

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